Feature Requests & the Seller Community

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Here in the community, we get a lot of feedback about what’s working well—as well as things we could improve. It can be incredibly insightful for us to hear firsthand what’s not working for you and how we can fix it.


When we receive feature requests in the Seller Community, a few different things happen behind the scenes. We thought we’d pull back the curtain and share some of our processes with you. That brings us to…


The Life of a Feature Request


  1. Customer Advocacy - The first thing we do internally is share your request with the people building our products. From data-centric approaches like tracking the request in our internal databases, to more qualitative methods like the community moderators talking directly with the Product Liaison team, we make sure your feedback and ideas get to the right person.
  2. Look for an Alternative - We always try to provide a workaround when it makes sense. Even if our products don’t do exactly what you need them to, we want to help you get closer to your goal (see an example of a work-around in this thread). Many times we’ve heard the request before and have an alternative in mind. When we don’t know of a great workaround, we turn to the community to get advice from other sellers.
  3. Share a Resolution - The best days for us (and we hope for you, too!) are when we get to share with the community that a feature request has been built into the product. We’ve been able to do that several times, including this thread about our integration with WooCommerce. If you’re interested in seeing a resolution, make sure to follow the thread so you’re notified if we update it.


But what if there isn’t a resolution?


Even the best feature requests take time for our team to build. Our Product Managers take a lot of things into consideration when developing new features and addressing limitations of current features. Customer feedback is one huge piece of the puzzle that impacts prioritization, but it’s not the only piece.


Even in those cases where a resolution is not yet available, we continue to take our jobs as customer advocates seriously, and we’ll keep funneling your feedback to our developers. If we can’t prioritize a feature, we also give feedback to our partnerships team so they can look for great opportunities to partner with other companies who specialize in the features you need. 


Sometimes we don’t have an update for weeks or months. In those cases, thank you for bearing with us. We know it can be frustrating, but we are continuing to work on your behalf. As soon as we have an update, we’ll post to let everyone know.


Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!


PS - if you'd like to share a new feature request, please start a new thread!

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Re: Feature Requests & the Seller Community

Thanks for this info.  I'm sure that sometimes Square decides NOT to integrate a feature that customers are asking for, and there may be a reason for that which isn't obvious to the customer.  I want to request that you notify us in the thread where the feature is requested if a decision has been made not to implement it.  For instance, I'm following the thread that requests the ability to back date transactions.  If that feature is never coming, I need to know that.  Thanks so much!

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Re: Feature Requests & the Seller Community

@timely That is a request that we'll try to honor as best as we can. However, there are not many instances where I've seen us completely rule out a specific feature or product from ever being implemented.


While a specific product or feature might not be available at the moment, there's always a chance that you and your fellow sellers provide enough feedback that the value for implementing said feature is justified. 


In regards to backdating transactions, we don't have plans to offer that feature right now, but we are actively collecting requests and feedback and passing it over to our development team so hang tight and keep an eye out for updates!

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Re: Feature Requests & the Seller Community



I have the above request as well and need it asap, at least for cash transactions. My accounting using square is very limited due to this feature not being available. thanks so much. 


An additional idea - please add a me too! button, so when we have the same issue/request we can just hit that and you can get a better idea of how many need a feature and where it should possibly be in the priority of all the updates you may be working on. 



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Re: Feature Requests & the Seller Community

@PVS Me too! @timely I would also add a place to vote or comment on new features being considered or requested. @EJ_ I am confident you would get many more who have this need, yet they are unaware of this thread and don't even know it is a consideration. 

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Re: Feature Requests & the Seller Community

@Feedback2016 and @PVS, thanks for the idea about the upvote/"me too" button. We'll take it into consideration. 

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Re: Feature Requests & the Seller Community

Hi Kpay,


I have a feature request (the first of many, I'm sure!): perhaps it would be a good idea to have a separate topic just for feature requests?




Thank you!

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Re: Feature Requests & the Seller Community

Hi @mickowitz, thanks for posting! We like to have individual threads for all new feature requests so we can tag them and track interest from other people who come to the community. Feel free to start a new thread for any future feature requests you have! 👍

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