Meet the Team: Sean

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Name: Sean


Role: Community Manager


About Me: Hi y’all! I’m Sean, and I’ve been with Square for about two very fast paced years. While I initially got my feet wet with online engagement through Facebook and Twitter, I’m jazzed to be helping everyone out on the community.


I’ve had quite a collection of jobs over the years, ranging from paralegal to movie theater projectionist, but I’ve always been most drawn to the technology field. Throughout college I had a part time gig at a local Apple Store, and worked my way up through the ranks to become a Genius (aka computer tech). When I had the opportunity to move to Square, it was an easy decision - I really believe in the products and the mission of our company, economic empowerment. 


Outside of work, I keep myself pretty occupied with my ever increasing list of hobbies (cooking, hiking, sewing, reading sci fi books, etc.). Now for some fun facts: my parents raised me in their local pizza shop in Missouri, I LOVE traveling (and have spent a few summers in Europe), and my favorite cookie is oatmeal chocolate chip (sorry raisins). ✌


I'm really looking forward to building this awesome community with all of your help!  


Lands End Labyrinth, San Francisco 2015Lands End Labyrinth, San Francisco 2015De Young Museum, San Francisco - 2014De Young Museum, San Francisco - 2014

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Re: Meet the Team: Sean

Sean.  Great pics.  Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your help.



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Re: Meet the Team: Sean

Hi m

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Re: Meet the Team: Sean

Hi @WD! Welcome to the Seller Community. Can't wait to hear from more you in our other posts! 

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Re: Meet the Team: Sean

Hi Sean, I'm new to square and did a sales a month ago and I haven't rec'd my funds yet. What happened to my funds and went to my bank and been told they can't help me with locating the transactions. What did I do wrong?? SAM

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Re: Meet the Team: Sean

Hi @Naabeihoobro8. Welcome to Square! I'm sure that one of our supporters would be able to help you take a look at this. In the community, we stick to general questions to help protect the privacy of our sellers' accounts. Just reach out here

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Re: Meet the Team: Sean


I am trying to find out the anser to a question below:

Can I use Square in my laptop instead of a moblie device and plug the reader into the microphone? If so, how do I download hte app on my laptop? Its is not an Apple product



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Re: Meet the Team: Sean

The Square POS app does not work on a computer and the Square swiper doesn't work on a computer either.  You can run credit cards manually when logged into your Square Dashboard.  


Read more about virtual terminal here.  https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5807-virtual-terminal

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Re: Meet the Team: Sean


how  can I run a $1000 security deposit and put it on hold 

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Re: Meet the Team: Sean

@PEO I'm happy to help out here. Currently, Square doesn’t offer support for pre-authorizing cards or collecting security deposits. Pre-authorizing cards is not something on our roadmap at the moment, but I’ll be sure to let our developers know about the feature request.

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