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This week we meet @jjgard in Fargo, North Dakota, who has a very interesting workplace indeed! Read on to learn more.



Community Username, First Name, Pronouns: jjgard, Jeremiah, he/him


Business Name: Red River Zoo


Tell us about your business. 

The Red River Zoo has been around since 1999. We're a smaller Zoo that focuses on cold-climate adapted species. So we've got a lot of animals that do very well in this climate during the summer and winter. One of our goals is to help connect people in our community with nature.


Where can we learn more about your business? Share your website if you have one and social media links.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/redriverzoo 

Website: www.redriverzoo.org 

Twitter: www.twitter.com/redriverzoo 


What changes have you made to your business adapt to COVID-19 restrictions? 

We implemented a comprehensive array of safeguards when we re-opened in May 2020. All visitors and staff are required to wear masks. We've implemented a one way path through the Zoo to minimize congestion and cross traffic. We have signs throughout the facility to help promote social distancing. We've removed high touch objects from our Interpretive Center.


Why did you start using Square?

We started using Square when I was looking for an alternative to our existing POS system. I had used Square on the consumer side of things, so I was aware of how simple/intuitive it was from the customer angle. What I appreciated from the business side of things is how easy it is to use and the ability to scale up as our business needs grow.


What do you know now that you wish you knew on day 1 of starting your business?

I didn't start our business, but I've come to appreciate just how important facilities infrastructure is to a Zoo and I'd tell those that started the facility to really focus on making sure the infrastructure is scalable and something that will meet the Zoo's needs for the future.


What questions can you help with in the Community? What's your favorite discussion topic?

I'm most able to help answer questions that revolve around Square for Retail, the Register, and the Terminal. My favorite discussion topics involve anything besides online store integration. We don't have an online store and it's the part of Square that I'm least familiar with.


What is your favorite Square tool/feature?

Honestly, I love the Dashboard app for iOS. Unfortunately it's not available on Android, but it's a tool I miss having access to since I switched to a new phone. It was great having intuitive analytics at hand.


What is the feature you'd like Square to consider creating next?

I really really really can't stress enough how important it would be for us to be able to have visitors round up their purchase to make a donation to our Zoo. We're a non-profit organization and those small change amounts would add up quickly for us.


An otter at Red River Zoo.An otter at Red River Zoo.


Thank you for being a Super Seller @jjgard, we appreciate you!



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Thanks for sharing @jjgard ! I love seeing that one of your goals is to connect people in your community with nature. It's so important!  🌱🦦 

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