The Weebly Community is coming soon!

Hello Seller Community! 👋


Later this fall, the Weebly Community will be moving here to the Seller Community. Because the Seller Community is a thriving and growing community, giving Weebly site owners a space here will provide multiple benefits:


  • Assistance with website and online store questions from a much larger group of website builders and experienced sellers.
  • Greater engagement with different teams at Square, such as the Product and Marketing teams.
  • A robust and actively developed Community forum experience.


We will be creating a category specifically for sites made with the drag-and-drop Weebly website editor. This category will be global and will be accessible to anyone regardless of location.  Within it will be all of the posts from the existing community in a read-only category as well as three new boards:


  • Weebly Website
    • Site building and domain configuration questions. 
  • Weebly eCommerce
    • Questions and comments regarding stores built with the Weebly drag-and-drop editor. 
  • General Questions
    • Questions and conversations about account management, services, apps, and more.


Note: During the migration itself, both communities will be in read-only mode. This means you can read posts but will not be able to interact with them. 

When we get closer to the actual migration date I will update this post to include a date. We will also add banners before, during, and after the migration so everyone is aware of any limitations to posting. 



Questions or concerns? Leave a comment below!


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HI, @AdamB why doesn't Square just close both Communities for the duration of the migration? Display a banner stating such with a complete date?


I'm concerned because someone will come along with a question or situation but no one can reply.  To reply do we create a new post with their @name in the title as response and later Square will combine all the replies?


Also, sellers that are 100% Square do not have the knowledge to assist Weebly platform sellers so why the migration?  Can't you just add a link to their Community?


previously @Goldneye now @Gold 

Hope this helps.
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Hi @Gold/GoldenEye. Since both communities will be "read-only" during the migration there shouldn't be any new posts for help until after the move is completed. All the old content from the Weebly Community will be left read-only, and anyone from that community who joins here will be making new threads with new Square accounts so it should hopefully prevent too much confusion.


While the website editors are definitely different, the Square Online dashboard, domain management, service management, etc, are pretty much the same for Square Online and Weebly; there's a fair amount of duplicative help going on between the two communities, and it will be helpful for Weebly folks to be here as Weebly becomes more integrated with Square in general. For example, once a Weebly site owner converts their account to use Square for login they can only create new sites using the Square Online editor.


Edit: I forgot to mention that we will definitely have banners up explaining what's going on. 😅

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Since my log in for weebly.com is different than my log in for Square.com I cannot even integrate my website with Square.  I have to create a whole new website?  That's crazy, I have heard that it would be better to just go create a site at Wix if I want a website.

I am really disappointed with the whole ordeal.  I had my weebly site for forever and a year, now cannot access or manipulate it at all.

Yola is a lot like weebly was and I have an account with several sites there as well.  Maybe I should just use a site at Yola, or even wordpress site.  I have several blogs at wordpress, and it is supposed to be super easy to turn that into a website.

I don't know, I do know that I am terribly disappointed with weebly.

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @Nootkabear 👋


Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Square Seller Community. 


You should still have access to your original website. Can you please confirm the site URL you are trying to access so we can take a look? We may need to refer you to the support team if it's not something we can resolve here, but we'll let you know. 😊

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