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Maker and Just turned 4 years in business.

Hola Everyone! I'm Karla maker and creater of Highlands Natural. A place for wellness and selfcare. I create home made vegan products to be use at home. I'm just turning 4 years in Sept. and I wanted to see if anyone has an option for wholesale on their store? If so did you create a new domain for only your wholesale customers or did you connect with your online site of your products ( where anyone goes online)? Help please. 

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Hi @Highlands_N - Welcome back to The Seller Community, it's always nice to see our sellers return with a great inquiry 😊


This sounds like an awesome question for @HC_Charlie who sells both wholesale and retail. I'd love for you two to connect on the matter. 


As always, feel free to stop by The Community with question, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.


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Thanks for the connect @Ria would be happy to help @Highlands_N . You can definately sell both retail and wholesale on the same website if you choose. If you'd rather have a whole separate domain name for your wholesale side, then yes you could split everything up. I find it easier to keep together. There are several ways you can do this...

  • Maintain just one "retail" website, and create a special online coupon that you would only give out to your wholesale customers. Let's say your wholesale price is 50% off your retail price, you'd create a 50% off coupon. Then wholesale customers would shop on your same retail site, but checkout with this coupon.
  • If you have separate items you sell retail and wholesale, you can create a wholesale page, and list those items just for wholesale customers. You can even create "wholesale only" items when you create a new item. This is how I handle my wholesale orders, and I have the page password protected so my regular retail customers can't see or shop there. (The only issue I've found with this approach is that the main navigation links appear on the pages of all your website. I would prefer to turn this off for my wholesale pages, but Square does not offer this.)

You could place a wholesale "link" in the navigation menu, or keep the page name "private" and just give the URL website address link to your wholesale customers. I my case, I made my homepage a splash page that offers visitors the choice to click on my Retail Square site, my Wholesale site, or my Etsy site for retail orders.


I think you'll find the best solution if you consider what percentage of your customers (retail vs. wholesale) and how you will be directing traffic to your website. Also keep in mind that you can take advantage of Square Invoices to put together an order for your wholesale customers. If you do physical tradeshows or in-person selling to stores, you could handwrite an order, then create an Invoice to email them for payment prior to delivery or shipping.


I hope this helps with your question. Great to have you in the Square Seller Community and good luck in your wholesale endeavors!

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