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I would love to see a Forms feature with Square appointments, a customized template that is required for clients to complete as they book an appointment would be incredibly useful for my beauty business.  This would help us gather more information from clients before they come in, especially catching any allergies or contraindications for services BEFORE the client comes in.  This would also save my team time on the back end, we currently have to email out our consent form to each new client and make sure it's complete before their appointment.  It'd be easier if the client had to complete the form as part of the online booking process.  

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Hello all!

Wanted to share an update with you and I'm pleased to announce that COVID-19 agreement contracts are now available to send out from the Contracts page of your online Dashboard. 

COVID gif.gif

This is available under > Square DashboardContracts

Thanks to all again for your patience as we rolled this out. 😷 Stay safe!


This post was updated in January 2021 by a moderator to include updated instructions.

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I second this, PLEASE everything I have is square but I have to stick with acuity scheduling because they let me make intake forms for my patients and square appointments doesn't. 


Please add this! 

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This is a very popular feature request, and sorry to say we don't have a specific Roadmap for this at this time. A lot of businesses have found using JotForms in the confirmation email is a way to get a Customer Intake form sent to your scheduled appointments. 


It's not the best work around but it's one that we see often, and we'll continue to pass this request to our Appointments team. Hopefully we'll have some movement on it in the future.

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Is there any sign that this is going to become a feature? I need to take consent forms for my beauty business as well, and I want my business to be completly digital. Printing paper forms is such an inconvenience. 

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Hi @winkandblush!


There's no updates on this or timeframe to give at the moment but we'll be sure to update this thread if there ever is.


We'll mention your handle too so you're alerted!

Ashley C
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Yes, please please Square let us be able to send our consent forms and client intake forms to our future clients.   I am going to have to switch over to a platform that does this soon these paper files are getting out of control.  And I spent over $800 per year with square for scheduling & payroll for this not to be a feature 

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Hey @Skinpharmacy, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I hear the frustration and I understand the need to push for a feature request like this. Hang in there! We do have this on our radar and work diligently to release as many feature requests as we can. 


I will definitely share your feedback with our development team and will make sure to post any updates in this channel for upcoming betas and releases. Thank you!

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I too, would like to be able to send a Consent form to customers with my Apt Confirmation emails. Please add me to your communication list for Booking Confirmation feature request.

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Do you have a link as to how to go about using jotforms in the confirmation email???

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Would you be able to send out a contract and attach the jotform to it? Basically have them use the contract as a waiver for your clients then have them use jotform for the intake forms? Let me know. I have used square forever but recently switched to acuity because I have employees now and am hating acuity compared to square. I would love an intake form to be a part of square in the future because that would make it hands down the best scheduling app around. 

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Can you show an example of how to do this? 
I do not see where I can add any type of link at all.

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Hi @electrologist unless something changed, you can’t do this on square yet. I use acuity scheduler and it’s super handy to add links and customizable fields and forms... and custom irls for each appointment type. it rules hard!! Square is way behind in this regard. It feels like its only for a hairdresser who has two different appointment types.

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With new mandatory rules and regulations due to Covid 19, many states are requiring clients to fill out an intake form prior to appointments. This would be a great added value to square appointment customers at this time. My business could really use this!

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Yes I am in the same boat. I need to email my clients consent forms before I am even able to book them. I really need square to offer this feature


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Hi! How do you include the link in confirmation emails? I have a jot form consent form but I’m not sure how to add it 

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I have juat started using jotforms to be able to send my intake forms.

So on the confirmation email i have pasted a link to the jotforms.

And then on the text message reminder there is a little reminder saying please make sure your clint intake form is completed before your appointment. With the link again

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@jennapearson  Can you send me one please so I can see? Rickysyfee@gmail.com


this sounds like the  best solution so far

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@kellyj @ashc 

Over a year later and no real update on consent forms possibly being added upon creating and confirming an apt through square, that I can see. Am I missing something? If nothing is possible besides random Jotform workarounds, I’ll have to go elsewhere. 

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What up Joseph, 


I still use Acuity Scheduling, then I use zapier to populate a square invoice.  Would be AMAZE to have it all on square.

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Apparently the closest thing to a client intake form that Square Appointments has is the option to put a link in the client confirmation email that takes them to a 3rd-party intake form page. I've tried to put a clickable link in the confirmation email but it always shows up as non-interactable text. How can I put a clickable link into the client confirmation email? I did the whole <a href=" "></a> thing, it didn't work.


Also, is there any way to schedule a package of treatments? In my business, people buy a package of several sessions to be booked throughout the month. But I don't see a way to book or keep track of the prepaid sessions? Does anyone have any insight?

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@DandelionBoston Thanks for your questions!


I've moved your post to this thread so that you can stay ahead of updates related to client intake forms. Kelly mentions the use of JotForms above. Have you tried using their platform?


Now onto your question about scheduling package treatments... we don't have that ability quite yet. But Helen provides a workaround here that might be useful for you.


Please be sure to reach out if you have other questions.

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