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I was looking at a few sites (GetSquire and Vagaro) which I notice they offer just about the same services - give and take a few, but they come with a Custom Branded App for android/apple for customers to download.

Sure, the monthly fees may be a bit higher, but the extra option will actually will come in quite handy for appointment base businesses - most probably wouldnt mind a cost increase, especially if having an App would increase sales / service.


I so love Square - not had no major issue, but I think this option would be awesome addition to Square or making appointment options integrated with websites or apps allowing customers to make appointments within without being directed else where.


Would this be something Square may implemented in the near soon future?


Thanks Wm


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Welcome back to the Community, @Wilyem


Great question - right now, this would be a Feature Request for our apps. I can tag this for our Product Team, so this can get on their radar. 


Keep an eye out for new Product Updates for some upcoming launches. 


Thank you!



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Hi. One of our founders owns a Salon, so we've done a lot of custom development for Square with regards to appointments and scheduling. We're an official Square Partner Company also (our website should be in my signature) - so we help people make cool mobile apps and website based tools powered by Square. 


Let me know if you have a few minutes to chat. I think our new Salon customizations would work perfectly for you. 


- Jen

GetPreOrder.com, Official Square Partner - Affordable Mobile Apps & Websites for Square https://getpreorder.com
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We are now offering a 100% branded app…connected to Square. Using Square processing. 

No monthly fee. No setup fee. 

Would love to show you. 

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Thank you, but I already have my own app. 



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