Square Appointments on Register slow to load calendar, doesn't display appointments immediately

We've been using Square Appointments on the Register hardware for some time.  There have been a few issues...but there are two that are particularly persistent and one is getting worse.

  1. Appointments made on the register do not immediately appear on the register but do appear on other devices running appointments...square support said that logging out of the application and logging in again should refresh the appointments.  This doesn't happen with every new appointment but it is very inconvenient when setting up a client's next appointment after they checked out and you're not certain that their next appointment was created.
  2. When navigating to the Calendar screen, it takes several seconds to load the appointments for the timeframe selected.  The display will show the month and dates near the top of the screen but the area for appointments remains blank.  Occasionally when switching to the calendar display, it takes so long to load the appointments that it seems necessary to navigate away to another display and then come back. When switching between days the slow load occurs nearly every time but other times the display refresh is nearly instantaneous.  I don't recall having this issue when we first started using the Square register and it seems to be getting worse.  Support said that the register has to load every pending (i.e. future appointments that haven't been checked out) every time that the display is loaded.  This just doesn't sound right...it seems as though they should be cached locally.


Has anyone else experienced these issues with appointments on register?  Support didn't seem very eager to acknowledge the issues much less pursue resolution.

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