Re: Appointment Services vs Register Items

Thanks you for letting us know you'd also be interested in this feature @RMS-MV! I will pass your request to our Appointments team directly. Also, I answered your question about the roadmap here😀

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Re: Appointment Services vs Register Items

This thread has been open since 2016 with multiple customers informing you of the major concerns with putting everything into the "uncategorized" category. We cant track our business and our growth, how is this not something Square is able to fix? Square was built for small businesses and meant to work.... period. The headache of changing over systems isnt something us business owners like to do but with you all not fixing this clear and apparent issue, you are asking your business partners to leave square to pick one of the other thousand options available for us to chose from. We need immediate resolution!

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Re: Appointment Services vs Register Items

Have any updates been scheduled for this? This topic has been opened for a year and a half!


This seems like it should be a simple merge. Why not just add a few simple check boxes for attributes you want existing 'Items' to have...like a selection for "Product" vs "Service", then if "Service" is selected, allow the options/settings that are currently shown for the Appoinment 'Services' to become visable (like if the services is shown on the booking site, what price is shown, staff that it can be booked with, etc). This would allow existing services that people have listed in the 'Items' list to remain as is with their categories and not mess up anyones data.


For my purposes, I need the appointments app to be that. Simply a booking and calendar function. Other than this issue, it really irks me that I have to enable the permission for my staff to have POS access to have access to the phone appointments app. There needs to be an option to give staff access to their calenders to view/reschedule/cancel appointments as needed without giving them POS access.

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Re: Appointment Services vs Register Items

Hi @MIA_Salon - No updates since @Helen's last post. We'll be sure to update if anything changes and thank you for sharing that feedback!

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Re: Appointment Services vs Register Items

I would like it to populate under service category when using Appoinmets POS to checkout client services.  Currently all Service appointments checked out with appointments app are sold as Uncategorized.   

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Transition of Catagories

I would like to have the information from the appointments to be moved over to the reports for the POS. Either that or the ability to run reports from the appointments app. I have my services and products set up in such a way that they are catagorized for the ease of recored keeping. I have Still having to work harder when I prefer to work smarter with this. 
Please Make Reports Seamless From One App To The Other! 

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Re: Transition of Catagories

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Thanks for your post @HairbyBryanDean, I'm sorry that Appointments is currently creating additional work for you. That's far from ideal. 


I'll go ahead and share your feedback with the Appointments team. We're are always looking for ways to improve in order to meet sellers' business needs. We're tracking these features in this thread so we'll post here again if there are any updates. 

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Re: Transition of Catagories

Just wondering if there have been any updates on this. 

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Re: Transition of Catagories

@BellaBeauty No updates yet. If there ever is though, we will definitely update this thread to let you all know. 

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Re: Transition of Catagories

Categories for services in Appointments rolled out a few weeks ago. We are using and it appears to be seamlessly integrated in the processes and reporting.

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