Square Appointments Update — Override Hours and "Any Available" Staff Booking

Greetings! We're excited to announce the availability of some much anticipated features: Override Hours and "Any Available" Staff Booking.


Override Hours
You’re flying to Hawaii in a few weeks, and you’d like to have a little extra dough to spend during the trip. As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to set your own schedule, so you decide to work a few extra hours next week to help pad your mai tai budget. 🍹


With the launch of Override Hours in Square Appointments, you can now set your availability on a per-week basis, giving you even more control over your schedule. Your new availability will be reflected on both your browser and iOS calendars, and your updated availability will be reflected in your online booking site.


Here’s how it works:
You usually don’t work Tuesdays, but you want to work a few extra hours next week.



Navigate to the Calendar page, and select the Staff View dropdown. Here you’ll see a brand new button which allows you to manage your staff’s availability:




Are you a sole proprietor? No worries — we’ve got you covered. The same button will be located next to the “Create Appointment” button on your calendar.




The dialog will then allow you to set your hours for every week independently. So Joanna can set it up so that she takes appointments for a few hours next Tuesday, even though she’s usually off those days.




Click Done, and just like that Joanna shows as available next Tuesday from 1-5 PM.




Now, Joanna can send out an email blast to some of her clients, letting them know that she has a few extra slots free next week which they can book with her online. But as you can see, every Tuesday after that is still blocked off as usual.





This new feature can also be used to easily schedule multi-day outages like vacations, or to manage shifts across all of your employees.

"Any Available" Staff Booking
Rebecca just moved into town, and she’s looking to get her hair cut. She’s asked around a bit, and a few of her friends recommended your salon. She goes to your website and sees that you have online booking, so she decides to make an appointment.


Rebecca doesn’t really care who cuts her hair — she’s heard that both you and your business partner Simon are great. All she really cares about is getting in as soon as possible.


Now, with “Any Available” staff booking, your customers don’t have to pick one of the staff members to perform the service — instead, they can see all of the available timeslots across each of your staff members’ calendars.

Here’s how it works
All you have to do is enable the new feature in your Appointments Business Settings, under Calendar & Booking.



Now that that’s enabled, your customers will always see the “Any Available” staff option when booking online, as long as there are at least two employees who can perform the selected services.




Joanna doesn’t work Tuesdays or Sundays, and Simon doesn’t work Mondays or Fridays. But together, they cover every day of the week. So when Rebecca selects “Any Available”, she can book any day that either stylist is working.



Once she selects a date and time, the stylist is automatically assigned, and Rebecca can continue through the contact info page and finish booking her appointment. On her confirmation page as well as her email notifications, we indicate that she chose ‘Any Available’, while also showing which stylist is currently assigned to perform the haircut.




But to you, there’s sometimes a difference between someone who specifically requested a stylist and someone who was automatically assigned. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When viewing the appointment on your Browser calendar, you’ll see that the staff member was automatically assigned.




This means the client probably wouldn’t be too worried if you needed to shift her appointment to another service provider, which you can do easily from the same screen.




Thanks for having a look! You can keep up-to-date with all of our latest releases by subscribing for email notifications. Please also feel free to start a new thread with any additional insight. 🙂


Happy booking!

Tom and the Square Appointments Team

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Re: Square Appointments Update — Override Hours and "Any Available" Staff Booking

Hello, I just want to be sure I am understanding correctly with this before I subscribe.  Do I have to have "regular set hours" activated or can I just select the specific dates and hours.  I am a photographer and would like to use this service specifically for "mini session" bookings only.  In other words booking for 2 or 3 day in October and that is it. (I dont want to do online booking otherwise).  Is that a possibility with this?  It sounds like it may be but I want to know for sure. Thank you!

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Re: Square Appointments Update — Override Hours and "Any Available" Staff Booking

You don't have to set regular hours to use Square Appointments @lindseyvrphoto! You can customize your availability from the Calendar to show that you are unbookable until you enter a specific date or time using the customize availability option.


I hope this helps clarify but let me know if you have any other questions about Appointments! 😀

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Is there a way to use online bookings if I don't have regular hours?

My business days and hours change every week depending on ever-changing variables.  Is there a way to add open days/times in a customized way?  For example, my appointments this week would be Tues 5pm-7pm and Sat 8am-2pm, but next week will be Wed 3:45-5, and the next week Thurs and Sun 3:45-5.

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Re: Is there a way to use online bookings if I don't have regular hours?

This reply was created from merging an existing thread: Is there a way to use online bookings if I don't have regular hours?

Yes you can customize you availability for Appointments @Regen! I moved your post to this update so you can see the steps to set up your custom business hours in this update by @Tom.


If you have any questions about this don't hesitate to post again!

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Re: Is there a way to use online bookings if I don't have regular hours?

Thank you!  That worked for exactly what I was asking for.  However, I've noticed another issue.  Is there a way to not have the business hours show?  Under the LOCATION DETAILS there is a Business Hours section. If I don't enter days/times I'm open in this particular place, my APPOINTMENTS landing page shows that I am closed every single day.  Since I don't have regular hours I can't really fill in any open times.  Is there a workaround for this?


Thank you!

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Re: Is there a way to use online bookings if I don't have regular hours?

Hi again @Regen!


Do you mean the business hours that are visible from your online booking site? Those hours are actually set in a different section of your Dashboard. To set your business hours:

  1. Sign in to your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Account & Settings (don't go to the Appointments section)
  3. Click Locations > click on the specific location you're working on.
  4. Scroll down and update your Business Hours as needed and click Save (top right) to save your changes.

Your Appointments business hours will be automatically updated. I hope this helps! 


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Re: Is there a way to use online bookings if I don't have regular hours?

Hi, Actually - this doesn't work for me.  My Business Location hours do Not show on my calendar.  I am a Single, so it's only me.  And trying to go in every month to do customization hours for me alone is a pain.  I have my hours set on the Business Location - but now my calendar is completely Greyed out 😞   




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Re: Is there a way to use online bookings if I don't have regular hours?

@ChristineHeal That sounds strange. These troubleshooting steps should help fix your availability. But if your calendar is still greyed out definitelycall our CS team. An Appointments Specialist will be able to double check your settings and make sure you can accept appointments.

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How can I add upcoming holidays to show we'll be closed and block appointments?

We have a collection of holidays coming up where the shop will be closed. Is there anywhere in the appointments system where I can insert those dates so no appointments can be accepted?

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