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Beauty Business: Best business tip for someone looking to break into the beauty business or what i

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?  Did you receive any advice that really stuck or helped you when you first started out?



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Hey girl! I'm not in the beauty business, but I did receive some really good advice when starting my business. When beginning a business, there are often a lot of start up costs. I felt very overwhelmed by these fees as they began to add up to the point that I wanted to quit. However, someone really wise shared with me that "if you're going to allow your business ot grow, you ahve to be willing to plow your profits back into it". The expenses sucked, but ultimately it made my business far more efficient and extraordinary. Along with that, they shared that the extraordinary part of my business would always be the business itself, but the extraordinary part of people would be the service my employees and I  would offer. 


Good luck, and just remember, you won't know unless you try.

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Great point!  Thanks for sharing.  

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I wish I would've been an assistant to a busy, qualified hairstylist after getting out of cosmetology school. It's a great way to learn on the job without all the risk of making mistakes on your own. I'd also advise to take as many classes as you can, even if you take just one thing back to the salon it's worth it. Be a sponge; listen to others, then decide on the way that works for you. Ask each and every client for a referral, it's the best way to build a clientele. Most of all, COMMUNICATE with every client. A knock out consultation is the best tool you have in your arsenal!

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I so agree with all of your points!  The skill of a good consultation is really lost on a lot of stylists and estheticians.  

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The most important thing I learned is that it doesn't happen overnight.  It can take 2 years to get a good clientele going in order to make money. You need to be patient and not give up.  Good luck to you!

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Hi Doran. Hire a coach or find a mentor!!! 🙂 

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Doran, I've have been working as a professional MUA for 26 years, have owned a salon and have worked (and continue to work) in many other faucets of the beauty industry.  The best tip that I ever received was to diversify yourself and your business so that you have continual and multiple streams of income coming in.  Even though you may choose to "specialize" in a certain area, it can often limit your finances tremendously during times of great economic "shift". lol!  I am happy to share with you the diversification opportunities that are working fantastically for me.  I hope that helps! Feel free to message me anytime and blessings to you and your business!

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Hi There,


Hope your start-up is headed to a great start. I would say get as much knowledge as you can as it pertains to financial records. Learn how to read and understand them. It will save you time when it comes to filing your taxes even if you hire someone to do it for you. Also, never try to pull in new customers with a Groupon or discount. Doing so leads to clients that are always looking for a special. What I find helps is to incorporate discounts when they have already become a client such as military, students, or senior citizens. Hope you find this helpful. 

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Hey Hey,

I always recommend to my students and other stylist, invest in ecourses , webinars etc. Be an assistant under an established stylist (it’s not fun at all but it’s so worth it.)

Also never stop being a sponge!

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