How long do I hang in there with no online sales?

Hello all, I am newer at making handmade soap, after learning about all the chemicals I've been feeding my skin.  I concentrated on healthy eating, but didn't realize it's even easier to feed my skin better nutrients.  So, becoming passionate about this, I've started a handmade soap business and I've had an online store for about a month with no sales.  I've sold some at a recent large scale Flea market, but didn't actually blow up on sales there either.  I know it's 'only been a month' but I'm feeling so defeated.  I've posted soap info and specifics on my products over multiple social platforms, and am about ready to find a game to play on tik tok for sales... Although this is NOT my forte.  So, how long do I keep going before signing the 'this is a fail' document? 

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I am struggling. I do not have your length of time. I am getting frustrated at the system for it's short comings. I am mad that my relatives don't assist. I am disappointed that my numbers are not where I want them to be. But I kind of had an idea that I was what was going to happen. I am David again the corporation giants that has hypnotized everyone that their products are better.
Back to your answer. Advertising was something I never considered. Facebook, Tik-Tok, IG, Twitter. You have to go further and beyond your box that you believe that you were only operating in. That box that you imagine has greater reach than the limitations that you are setting. It may also come at a cost.

I know why I started. My 9-5 still beats me up.  It is because of that pounding that I don't want to give up. 
Do you believe in yourself to give it another 3 months?

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I can totally relate to your situation.


Here is what I did to boost sales.


At flea markets, I would have people sign up with their email to win a free item. I would typically gift to every 10 people and contact them via email. 


Those email would be added to my email list so i can advertise to them and send them to my shop.


I created emails about me, the founding story, the types of products I offered, how clients are using products etc. At the bottom of every email, I had a photo of the product with the sales price under it and hyper link the whole thing so clients could easily click to purchase.


I send 2 emails out per week.


This system can be repeated for wholesale sites like Faire as well.


Hope this helps! Hang in there!

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