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Social Media: How often a week do you post to social media?

Online marketing is king these days for driving traffic to websites and store fronts.  I'm really trying to figure out a good rhythm for online marketing but struggle to find consistency.  


So How often do you post to social media? 


Weekly, monthly, randomly?  How did you figure out the right schedule?

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we post daily, as many people might only see 2-5 of them a week thanks to FB algorithms.  Try to not just be straight advertising but more engaging posts.  For example instead of just a post with a name of an item you carry, make it a post with a picture saying something like I just saw this and had to post because can you believe the color, it is so bright.  It is hard but try to make it not feel like advertising and more "spur of the moment" or have tricks and tips.  Live videos always seem to do well, just keep them shorter probably less than a couple of minutes with some quick updates in-store or of coming items.  Posting at 9 am about a deal that lasts until noon is unlikely to gain traction as FB won't feed it out fast enough unless somehow it goes viral quickly.  You'll see many people say I just saw this and it is 12 hours later.  You can recycle some posts too after a few months as many of the followers will never have seen it the first time.  I always find it amazing when a pic with basically the same text posted for the 4th time in a year suddenly ends up with 40 comments and 1000 likes

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GREAT tips!  

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I agree - these are awesome! I know you're really busy right now, @VanKalkerFarms, but when you have time it would be super rad to see a post that goes in depth with this with a few examples. You're using great social media strategy!

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I try for once a week but some weeks we’re so busy that it’s tough. We always make sure there is an image with the post. The posts with the highest views & comments are the ones with pics of staff with a visually attractive shot of part of the spa.


We have Fun Fact Fridays and Trivia Tuesday with Jamie whenever we can. Asking for comments or responses makes posts more interactive. Blessings!

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I do once a week. 

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Hello. I would post a few times a week but spread it out. Beginning,Middle, and End. Also think about the times people are on social media. Also hashtags work great. A certain area,topic,audience ect. 

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I find it really hard to post on social media,  I have a few young ladies in the salon that post daily and it works for them.  I wish I could do that but I am so busy like now would be a good time if I put the time in.  LOL

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Just have to take your time and collect a few and post once or twice a week go through and set a slight schedule to advertise on social media

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I post as often as I can . I also take a million hair pics of the client trying to find a nice shot! I also use the viva cut app to chop up before and after videos!

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I would say at least a couple of times a week post to social media.  Your following/friends need to see that consistency to gain and keep interest.  

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I post on my personal beauty blog 4-5times a week.and on our Kas_aesthetics_wellness page every day, sometimes twice a day.


Usually  second page is where you may copy and paste previous info. It's only about our spa, technology,  clients etc.

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I try my best to post daily or at least every other day. 

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Do you guys usually get more engagement and customers from Facebook or Instagram? 

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Instagram for me and I have a Google page as well.

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I mainly stick to Instagram.  Facebook doesn't bring much in for me. 

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I try to post daily but it's difficult when I am really busy.  Also, many of my clientele do not want their photo (before and after) posted on social media. I have an older age group that is not really on social media so they do not like to be posted. Therefore, I am limited to general posts, sometimes a before/after when allowed, product and service postings. I have not really seen any new clients from any post, however; it's likely because I can't post b/a photos so I am told. Nearly all of my business was built on word of mouth as I do no advertising.  Wish I could get more from social platforms but it is probably time to hire someone.

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Hi there, 

I try to schedule no less than 3 posts a week on FB & IG through Business Suite.


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I used to post daily but it’s draining. So, I also use facebook’s business app which allows you to schedule ahead.

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that is really smart! great tip.  

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Yes, I use that as well.  It posts on both FB and IG so you don't have to worry about posting on multiple platforms 

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