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What's the best way to get your business name out there?

Hi Seller Community 


I’ve seen multiple posts in the Community looking for advice/guidance on how best to advertise your business and what tactics/methods have worked for you to gain more customers. Do you use direct mail marketing or do you focus your energies on building your online following? 


Feel free to reply to this post sharing a bit about your business and what’s been working for you thus far to get your business name out there. 


Looking forward to some replies and suggestions 😊

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I've been primarily using social media and word of mouth (I already had clientele going into opening my salon). We've also been featured in a local business blog, and are participating with a contest in a local newspaper which involves many downtown businesses.   I'm now taking a digital marketing course in order to better promote our business.

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ACTIN.ca - Improve the Health and Well-Being (https://www.actin.ca) is a Canadian medical heath provider company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that focuses in home, medical, and health equipment.


We are on-line store and we can confirm that every 100 sales go thought eBay, Amazon, Yandex Market, Walmart and only 1 thought Square Online. Correct me if I'm missing something we need integration with marketplaces like Google Merchant Center, eBay, Amazon from Square Online. In the current conditions, merchants do not have money for web software development and this is not advisable, one hope is for the IT industry. When will you guys be able to link the database?


My company would be very grateful to Square if you can enable Set Up Google Product Listings on Square Online in Canada. In turn, I can assure you that two employees of my company will take part in beta testing of the new functionality of Square Online.


Manager. ACTIN.ca

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This one is obviously a pretty big question that pretty much every business has to address at some point.  In our case we have a very good location that puts our business right in front of customers every day; the old adage that business is "location, location, location" is very true in our case.

We also have been operating for 10 years now and our reputation has been shared in our area, so that people who need our services are starting to think of us first.  That takes time to build up of course; we have found that rather than big pushes it is useful to do a little bit regularly over a longer period of time.

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