Coronavirus and Your Business: Strategies and Resources

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Nothing in this article is meant to be construed as medical advice. If you have questions about your health, please consult a doctor.

Most of us have seen the headlines about the spread of the Coronavirus within North America and across the globe. We're posting to give a heads up to our buyers and sellers on some preemptive measures that you can take to be prepared.




Each of our sellers are unique and have different business needs. If your business requires you to work closely with large amounts of people, these general tips may help you reduce exposure to Coronavirus, not to mention they'll ensure that you know about all payment options available with your Point of Sale account.



General Health:

  • If you or your teammates feel under the weather, communicate with your employees to help them make arrangements to stay at home. Your body needs time and rest to recuperate, so you can come back strong and healthy. 💪

  • Wash your hands frequently, be careful to not touch your face, and keep hand sanitizer available in your business where practical. 🧼

  • Keep your mobile devices and other frequently touched equipment clean. For comprehensive guides on how to clean mobile devices, consider these articles:
    How to clean your Apple products 🖥
    Clean Smudges from the Screen on Your Chromebook Pro 💻
    How to clean your phone to help stop the spread of germs

    A note about Square Stand + iPad: If you have a screen protector on your iPad, rest assured that Square apps will continue to work well with that added layer. In addition, Square Stand's iPad cradle is flush with the edges of the iPad itself, which will ensure an unobstructed fit.


Alternative Payment Methods and Strategies:



Knowledge is power: Keep a pulse on potential risks with the World Health Organization's website: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public.


For more general resources on preparing for the unexpected, have a look at these resources:


Let's keep looking out for each other and staying healthy. ❤️️ If any other questions come up, or if you have any pro tips to share—let us know in the comments below! ⬇️


We're keeping a close eye on this issue and this material has been prepared for informational purposes only.

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Super Seller

Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

Love this! Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing!


We just wish there were hands-free ways to run loyalty - still a lot of taps to tap there

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

Good call out, @Pesso ⚠️ Let's see if anyone has any ideas on some workarounds for Loyalty.

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

Office payments are always over $25, typical is $150,  ranging up to maybe $700-800.  Can I reasonably forgo the signature? 

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

Can a screen protector on the iPad work (not sure if it will fit into the Square stand with a protective overlay) -- then an alcohol wipe wouldn't damage touchscreen? or use apple pen and keep THAT wiped with disinfecting cloth?

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

Thanks for bringing this up, @Hommelson!


Yes, your iPad will fit into Square Stand with a protective screen overlay. The iPad cradle is flush with the outer edges of the iPad itself. 


In addition, I checked with our Hardware team to confirm that our apps will work well with a screen protector. If you'd like an added shield for your mobile device as you perform cleaning enhancements, feel free to go with screen protection.


As for your question about a stylus, it may depend on your business setup. For example, if you're at a kiosk/checkout counter and unable to secure it—there may be a chance it could get lost. When I worked at a bookstore before touch screens were commonplace, our pens for receipt signatures always seemed to "walk away" one way or another.


Keep in touch and let me know how it's going.

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

HI! Thank you for answering my question -- appreciate it! 

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

Anytime—we're glad to help! Thank you for your patience as I went to check on this. 💯

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

I believe standard precautions are in order as with any virus season. 

Maybe hand sanitizer on your counter...antibacterial wipes to wipe the counter etc. 

Be proactive without panic. We haven’t really seen a decrease in people out and about in our area other then huge events being rescheduled or canceled for now.

This too shall pass❤️

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Re: Coronavirus: Preemptive Strategies and Resources

I sent invoices to students for classes during an event that has now been cancelled.  For those that paid, I have offered the choice of a refund (I know how to do that) or to hold on to the payment until the classes are rescheduled.  Some have chosen to wait for the rescheduled class. I'd LIKE to find a way to re-send their paid invoice with that note so that BOTH the student and I have it in writing and I have a traceable reminder.  I can't find any way to do that...any suggestions?

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