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Move from G Suite to iCloud?

Not a Square question but general business! 

I’ve used g suite for years for my email as it’s easy(ish) & works. However now apple allows for custom domains with iCloud (& all my personal & work devices seem to be iOS) I’m thinking of moving over to that. 

I’ve already got a One family subscription so wouldn’t be paying any extra - so would be saving money each month. 

Anyone know a reason why this is a bad move? 

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Because its Apple....



Nah, just kidding. 

Honestly I can't really see any reason why it would be a bad move.. 

-Saving Money (or atleast no price difference)

-Currently using Apple products

-Save a headache or two.

-Better organization with sync



I guess just be sure to whitelist any domains if you needed to on Gsuite with iCloud .

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I've uses Mac's email for years now (I guess that's iCloud). I have a couple personal icloud.com email address, and several business emails that originated through Gmail. Somehow I setup a gmail account for my biz with my biz domain (I think that's an extra charge now). But anyway, I have both icloud and gmail (mapped to custom domain) that show up in my Mac mail program on my laptop, and also on my iPhone. It works great to keep all my email addresses and mail organized.

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Even though I'm all Apple hardware, I'm staying with Gmail to handle our custom domains and other emails.  A. It works.  B. Apple isn't exactly synonymous with an awesome online presence (MobileMe was a disaster even Steve Jobs made fun of).  iCloud works great when it works, which is 99.9% of the time, but there are times I can't get a file to appear or it is out of date, etc and it's like a magic trick to make it update.  Maybe in a few years, I would but for now, I'll stick with G Suite.

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