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What is National Farmers Market Week?


August 7-13, 2022 is National Farmers Market Week. The Farmers Market Coalition has prepared a toolkit with resources, tools, graphics to help celebrate farmers markets across the country, and the huge contributions these markets make to their local communities. 


National Farmers Market Week also helps to boost awareness about farmers markets, and to increase attendance.


How can I get involved?


Download the National Farmers Market Week 2021 Toolkit for a free campaign timeline, a social media content calendar template, suggested social media hashtags and ideas for how to promote your market and events - use the hashtag #FarmersMarketWeek or tag the Farmers Market Coalition (@fmc.org) on social media. 


Download the National Farmers Market Week 2022 Toolkit

Do you attend or run a farmers market? Will you be participating in National Farmers Market Week? Let us know where you are an if you have any activities planned! 


The Farmers Market Coalition


The Farmers Market Coalition is a nonprofit organization ‘dedicated to strengthening farmers markets across the United States so that they can serve as community assets while providing real income opportunities for farmers’. Learn more about the Farmers Market Coalition.


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Download the National Farmers Market Week 2022 Toolkit here.



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