Partner Spotlight: MarginEdge

See real-time food costs against sales.

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Welcome to our next Partner Spotlight. Millions of sellers use the Square App Marketplace to discover and install apps that they rely on daily to run their businesses.


In this post we meet MarginEdge, MarginEdge provides real-time cost reports, connects systems, and radically streamlines key activities like inventory management, cost-tracking, ordering, recipes, and payments. 


Business Name: MarginEdge 


Tell us about your app and what it does for sellers.

MarginEdge allows you to auto-import your Square sales transactions and combine them with your cost data to make data driven decisions about your business. All sellers need to do is snap photos of invoices, receipts or bills and our app will automate invoice processing, generate real-time food and sales reports, as well as help streamline tedious functions like inventory, bill pay, and data entry.


What is the number one reason for Square sellers to use MarginEdge?

Real-time food cost data.


How can sellers get started with MarginEdge?

Check us out on the Square App Marketplace and sign-up for a demo of our platform.


How much does MarginEdge cost for sellers?

$300 per location, per month - unlimited invoice processing, bill pay, support and more! For further information regarding pricing, find full details here>


Anything else you’d like sellers to know about MarginEdge?

Yes! MarginEdge connects to your Square POS to pull your sales data, automatically sends the data into your Accounting System, and shows you a bunch of actionable, real-time reports in-between! 


Our users credit MarginEdge with helping them significantly cut costs thanks to reports like the Daily Controllable P&L, Actual vs. Theoretical Costs, Category Budgets, Recipe Costing, and Menu Analysis. 


We're the only platform that combines a human review process with technology to properly process your invoices and relate vendor-items to products. We know a 5x6 tomato is a 5x6 tomato whether it comes from Sysco or Costco! 


Thank you MarginEdge for participating in Partner Spotlight! We appreciate everything you do!

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Super Seller

@mackenzieparker This is definitely new to our app marketplace and is something that I know is one of those areas where square data can be integrated for some very useful business analytics.


Do you know if they offer any kind of trial?  Maybe one to try to invoice importing and reports?



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@Donnie-M, thank you for your inquiry.


We would love to setup a call to learn more about your operations and share more on our invoice processing and daily reporting functionalities. If you would like to setup time, please reach out to me at ryan@marginedge.com and we will align you with one of our business development reps.


Hope to hear from you soon,


Ryan Hinlo

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