Partner Spotlight: Meet StoreYa Traffic Booster!

Increase Sales with Targeted Traffic


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Welcome to the second installment of the Partner Spotlight. Millions of sellers use the Square App Marketplace to discover and install apps that they rely on daily to run their businesses.


In this post we meet StoreYa Traffic Booster. StoreYa Traffic Booster uses artificial intelligence to create, manage and optimize Google, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. Read on to learn more. 


Business Name: StoreYa Traffic Booster


Tell us about your app and what it does for sellers.

StoreYa works using unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology to target the right customers at the right time, for the right cost.


Our marketing experts work to create personalized ad campaigns and then our algorithm will automatically optimize those ad campaigns. Our AI is designed to drive the most relevant customers to the most relevant product page within your site at the lowest cost possible. We use ads that are relevant for your store, including Google Search and Shopping, YouTube, Smart Display, Facebook and Instagram acquisition and retargeting ads. 


What is the number one reason for Square sellers to use StoreYa Traffic Booster?

StoreYa works to drive traffic to your store with personalized ad campaigns that market items from your Square item catalogue to the customers most likely to make a purchase. This allows sellers to convert more visitors into customers!


How can sellers get started with StoreYa Traffic Booster?

To get started, simply sign up and enter a few key details about your business. Then pick an affordable plan that’s right for your business size. Every plan already includes the ad budget!


Check StoreYa out on the Square App Marketplace. Learn more about StoreYa in Square’s Support Center.


How much does StoreYa cost for sellers?

StoreYa Traffic Booster’s basic plan starts at $120 for the first month (first month is discounted by 33%) see full pricing details here >


Anything else you’d like to tell our Sellers?

Yes, we’d like to make it known that all plans include the set-up, management, optimization and ads budget. Everything a Square Seller needs to automate their marketing ad efforts!


Thank you StoreYa Traffic Booster for participating in Partner Spotlight and for being a part of this installment! We appreciate everything you do!


Please contact eyal@storeya.com if you have any additional questions about StoreYa Traffic Booster.

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