Square Online Store: Turn on Curbside Pickup

We know that foot traffic is a challenge for restaurants during this time of social distancing and even more of a predicament in areas with shelter in place. You can still reach your customers online with your Square Online Store. Our new Curbside Pickup option allows your customers to request pickup and text message notifications—making for a seamless customer experience.


To turn on Curbside Pickup:

  • Sign into the online Square Dashboard, follow the onboarding steps, and turn on in-store pickup.
  • Next, click the checkbox to turn on curbside pickup for the appropriate location. Note that you must have a phone number set for your location in order to use curbside pickup. The phone number is given to customers who request curbside pickup during checkout.
  • Finally, you can use the Edit location details link to add or edit your phone number.

To see what it looks like, check out the 2 minute video below:



For complete details, head on over to this article: The Checkout Experience. If this is your first time viewing this article, you may receive a prompt to log in — to proceed with viewing, simply click Maybe later.


Interested in delivering locally? Consider this solution: Turn on Local Delivery.


If any questions or concerns come up, please to let us know!

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Re: Square Online Store: Turn on Curbside Pickup

Is there a way to only allow X number of pick ups per time slot?  That would be VERY helpful in ensuring social distancing during pick up windows (ie. not everyone showing up right at the opening of the day's window).

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Re: Square Online Store: Turn on Curbside Pickup

We really, REALLY need to display the Pickup Date in the Orders tab. We have everything setup as "2 Business Days" on prep time, but the Orders screen has no way to see the pickup date. The Orders screen is just a laundry list of Active Orders sorted descending by order date. It's nearly unusable. It needs to be enhanced with the following:


  • Display Pickup Date
  • Allow Filtering by Pickup Date
  • Allow Filtering by In Progress and Ready for Pickup status
  • Allow column sorting

For high-volume businesses that operate with lead times longer than "available same day", the Orders page is brutal to use without the above.

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