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What's the best way to get your business name out there?

Hi Seller Community


I’ve seen multiple posts in the Community looking for advice/guidance on how best to advertise your business and what tactics/methods have worked for you to gain more customers. Do you use direct mail marketing or do you focus your energies on building your online following? 


Feel free to reply to this post sharing a bit about your business and what’s been working for you thus far to get your business name out there. 


Looking forward to some replies and suggestions 😊

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From my experience, many people will automatically jump to "advertise on Facebook" .  Which we have all done I am sure.  It is a great tool, IF you know how to use it properly.  Depending on your business word of mouth can crucial for local support.  I myself have tried many tactics and am always looking for ways to increase presence. 


One of the most effective for me I found is building and establishing your Google My Business (GMB) profile.  Its free to use, but you should devote your time to filling out all of the required information. If you are running a website, MozPro will offer a free trial for 30 days as well, which is loaded with tons of features to help boost local and web SEO presence. 

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I agree that Google My Business is great. I also like that if you fill everything out and link your Square account, every time you update your website it auto-updates in GMB.

Amy Blasingim
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@AmyB1 : Wait, you can link your Square account to GMB? How am I not aware of this...


How is that done may I ask?

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Try this info here to connect to GMB.

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how do you connect our square account?


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Does your business have a Google account? You will need to create one. Search Google My Business, login and follow all of the setup steps. They will walk you through it. If necessary do what I did and open the “learn more” in another tab and you can go back and forth between setup and your Square website. 

Amy Blasingim
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So how much would this tool run me per mouth?

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Yes to FB and Google My Business!!

I would also recommend doing local events in your area too! They can be great exposure for someone just starting out.

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Honestly, if it’s a service that people actually NEED, create your Google listing and wait for the phone to start ringing. Take care of those customers and word of mouth will become your best ally. Google search Affordable Lock in Myrtle Beach and see what works for us. 👍🏻

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I agree with @locksmithnick  Start with a strong Google listing and word of mouth.


Plus, have a great referral perk. Like, get 25% off with every referral. I always did a free lash refill with a referral. 

Also, make sure to have a good email list and newsletter so people can get to know you before they buy. With my type of business people tend

not to book right away and my newsletter has help push them towards booking. 

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In my 13 years of doing this, I've found that nothing beats word of mouth. I've actually started offering "commissions" to regulars who keep bringing people in. Cup of coffee on me, half pound price for a full pound of coffee, things like that.


Other than that, depending on your business, personality is key. For me, even though we use Loyalty, we focus on remembering people. In my employee manual, there are requirements to know a certain percentage of our regulars' names and drinks before advancing: 10%: out of training, 25% within three months, 50% to be a team lead, 90% to be a manager. Being able to say "Hey Joe! Welcome back! How are the kids?" for our regulars has helped us establish the community aspect of our business. I also tell our team that they are allowed one "Regulars Thank You" comp'ed drink per week. To me, it means so much more to hear "this is the fifth time I've seen you this week. Thank you, this one is on us." versus "You have a free drink according to our computer. Do you want to use it?"


As for other advertising, I do not get traction on anything paper anymore. I used to run an ad in the local community paper: $95/mo. I never saw anything from it. Social media has been my advertising bread and butter. In fact, if I miss a few days posting, there is a noticeable drop in sales volume for me. I keep up on my FB and Insta pages regularly and make sure Google has all the updated info.

Lots of good information in this community!
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These are great ideas. We started our bakery/coffee bar last year and find that posting on Instagram with a share to Facebook brings in business every day. We have a birthday club where kids of all ages get a birthday card and a free pastry during their birthday month. 


I really like your employee manual ideas, setting the tone and incentives are great ways to motivate great employees. 


We were spending $75 a week to advertise in our local paper and never had anyone mention it, although people tell us all the time they "got out of bed this morning because of your post on Instagram!"

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We are a membership-based studio so we rely on long and short-term members - word of mouth goes a long way. We focus on ads for events, special bookings, and sales. Facebook and Instagram have brought in a ton of business with low $50-100 buy-ins. Focusing more on social media has brought in new people on a consistent basis. Google My Business is also an effective tool.


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Hi Isabelle,

I'm not really savvy when it comes to marketing at all.  What I have done for the past year and a half is just posted on Facebook.  I've tried the algorithm thing, hostess parties, lives etc....nothing seems to work to get any more people.

I sell Paparazzi jewelry.



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I hear you. I am new to this whole thing too. I just keep at it and listening on here. Your business is similar to mine, I run a gift shop in which everything in it is made by me and my aunts. I have yet to find anything that I can afford. So it’s me trying to put word out and getting the few customers I have give me “word of mouth”. 

Amy Blasingim
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I think it depends on the type of business for sure. I'm in the restaurant world and having an active Instagram account is definitely a big part of getting our name out there.

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When I lived in NH, I put my business cards on public notice boards and there also was a dedicated website that the pagan community used to meet up until they shut down a few years ago! So now unfortunately everyone has to pay for advertising, and google ads and facebook are expensive when you don't have any money coming in except for your current salary from your full time job, so your side business stays a hobby and you're lucky IF someone comes across it doing a web search which the square websites are not included in the SEO's for some reason...I have my regular Weebly website which I just hid all the pages and have them come to my square site since it's the one that's been updated the most.

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Targeted Social Media Ads for sure!! 

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Google and Instagram 

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