Hi, I need my transfers report to include the payee names & invoice numbers included

Hello, as I noted above, in order to send the transfer report for the calendar year to my accountant, they need to know what invoices have been paid within the transfer/deposit.


Is there a prebuilt report for this? The Deposit -> Transfers report just includes the date and amount and some kind of transaction ID.


Thanks for any help, ideas,



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Hello and welcome to the Seller Community! 


This would be considered a feature request at this time, @mlatimer.



At this time Square Transfers are not linked to a specific payment but triggered automatically based on your transfer schedule. This means that if you have a regular transfer schedule we will be transferring all transactions you made in a given day together in ONE single transfer to your bank account. Because of this the transfer report will not show transactions. However, you may be able to correlate your transfers with your transactions reports to help your accountant understand where the transfers are coming from.


I hope this information is helpful!

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