How to format my Star Micronics Sticky Label Printer

I purchased this printer for my coffee shop and bakery to help with customers picking up the wrong orders and help streamline service. Its working great and helping how we needed however I can not figure out how to format what is being printed. I have it on the "compact" setting on square but each ticket printed is huge, almost a 3x3 inch square! I don't want have my coffee cup be covered in a sticker. I would like small tickets to print and be able to format what is being printed. It shows this is possible in all the videos I have watched about this printer some even added their logo on the labels printer but I can't figure out how to do this myself. Can anyone help me figure out how to do this? Thank in advance for the help. 

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Star has great customer service and could probably help you directly with this. I've had to contact them a few times over the years for little issues and they've always gotten it fixed quickly for me.

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