Say Hello to the New Seller Community Design!

Hello Seller Community! 👋


We have now completed the first phase of our redesign of the Seller Community that I mentioned a few weeks ago. We had two main goals with the redesign: improve the overall experience for you, and update the visuals to better match the look of other Square websites.


Let’s dive into the changes! 




One of the first things you’ll see near the top of the homepage is that we’ve updated the four tiles you see. These group all of our content within these categories:


  • Help includes all of our troubleshooting and product-focused conversations.
  • Connect includes Seller Groups and other conversation spaces.
  • Ideate includes Beta and feature requests.
  • About the Community includes discussions about the Community itself.


Ask/Help the Community


Directly above the tiles are two buttons:


  • Ask the Community makes it faster for you to post a new thread.
  • Help the Community makes it easier to find posts and help fellow sellers.


Discussion tabs


Directly underneath the tiles, you’ll see that we now have three tabs of posts:


  • Featured Discussions are threads that we curate and feature. 📌
  • Recent Discussions are new threads, or threads that most recently received a reply. 🆕
  • Frequent Discussions are hot threads that are getting a lot of activity. 🔥


Content Cards



Next, you’ll see four content “cards” which highlight the following:


  • Seller spotlight is where we share posts highlighting sellers like you! 🔦 
  • Most helpful sellers is a list of members ranked by the number of likes they have received. 🏎
  • Latest news is a feed of product updates from the product update blog. 🆕
  • Events is a list of upcoming events such as webinars and Q&As. 👀


Related Threads and Upcoming Events


On individual thread pages, you’ll now see:


  • Related threads, which automatically finds and shows threads about related topics. ​​🧐
  • Events, which lists upcoming events like webinars and Q&As. 👀


Style Update


Lastly, you’ll notice some changes to colors, buttons, fonts, and other styling. These changes modernize the design and make for a more seamless look between the Seller Community and Squareup.com. 


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below if you have any thoughts or questions!


Community Manager, eCommerce
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Super Seller

At quick glance, it looks great so far.  I like how the Featured discussion is now separated from the Recent Discussion as well.   Back to checking things out!

Scorpion Coating Plus,LLC
Square Super Seller
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Thanks @ScorpionCoating! Definitely let us know your thoughts as you continue poking around!

Puka - She/Her
Seller Community UX Designer
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Super Seller

Thanks, Adam!  It is looking good so far.  One thing I notice is that when I and viewing a thread and click the back button, I get taken back to the beginning.  Is there a good way to go back to where I left off in the list of posts?

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Cheryl! Tisland
Burst Of Butterflies Create & Paint Studio

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Can you provide me a link to a thread where you're seeing that? I tried it on a different thread and the browser back button just took me to the previous page I was looking at.

Community Manager, eCommerce
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