Device Q&A: How can we help you manage your hardware? ๐Ÿ“Š

Published on โ€Ž01-10-2022 03:55 PM by Admin | Updated on โ€Ž01-10-2022 04:09 PM

Questions or feedback about device connectivity? Let's talk about your point of sale setup.


Share your experience and ask questions directly to members of the Square Device Experience team. They'll be able to assist with questions related from Square hardware to third party devices.


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One question that we have is Why can't square register perform close of day?


Another question up until a few months ago our daily report throughout the day showed all of our transactions including the ones not closed yet.  It doesn't do that anymore.  You have to now goto transactions and select all in the drop down box.  Why did this change?

Issue: iPads using square POS not syncing open tickets quickly -- a lag time: We are a winery. In our tasting room we use several iPads with Square POS to check out customers.  Our staff create Tickets (open tabs) on the iPads for customers who want to keep an open tab during their visit.  Customers will often order something at one of the tasting bars and then quickly move to another tasting bar for a different item and want to close their tab at the second tasting bar. When a customer wants to close their ticket and pay, any of the staff can assist the customer using the nearest iPad.  There often seems to be a lag between the iPads syncing the tickets -- for the same ticket, different charges appear on different iPads resulting in incorrect charges and confusion. How can we be sure the open tickets are syncing across all of the iPads in real time, especially during very busy times when we need to close customers tickets quickly, please?  Thank you!