Live Webinar: Join Us to Prepare for the iOS KDS Sunset & Migration to Android

Published on ‎05-07-2024 01:38 PM by Admin | Updated on ‎06-25-2024 12:19 PM

Hello Square Sellers,


Migrating hardware can be hard. We understand that. We’re here to help you migrate to Square KDS on Android — faster, smoother, and without ambiguity. If you are actively using the Square KDS (kitchen display system) app on an iPad, this live event is for you.


Join us for our webinar on July 11th at 3PM EDT where you can learn more about what you need to do by June 30, 2025 and ask your questions live.


  • See a live walkthrough of Square KDS on Android and compare it to the app you’re currently using on iPad
  • Listen in to questions your peers are asking, as well as our answers!
  • Understand exactly how to migrate, step-by-step, plus best practices we recommend


Don’t miss out on this event which will help make a necessary change as simple as possible.


Can’t make it? Don’t worry, an event recording will be distributed and published on the Seller Community where you can view it when it best fits your schedule.


Want to read more about why Square is deprecating the iOS KDS app? Learn more.


How do you register?


1. RSVP as ‘YES’ to confirm your spot! 



2. Then click the button below and use your Square login email address to join the webinar at the time of the event:



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Thu, Jul 11, 2024 12:00 PM PDT
Thu, Jul 11, 2024 01:00 PM PDT
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I just want to say that this is totally silly and creates such a huge inconvenience to us and so many other merchants. Developing KDS features for both iOS and Android in parallel is not something that is wild or unheard of, and not doing so is a disservice.

Beta Member

I totally feel your pain, but it's probably not their fault. Apple has always been about being the shiniest new toy and not the utilitarian tool that tech is supposed to be, and in the A.I./ Quantum/ Cloud computing world, it's experience starting to bite them in the butt.  Vr is cool, A $3500 piece of glass to experience to beta teust. A VR iOS isn't the move I'm make in in 2024. $3500 in Azrue services is way more bang for your buck.

Some of us can't go android, we are mobile and have to have data plans and the new system doesn't work.mobile