How to Join a Seller Group

Did you know that Seller Community is home to several different business-related groups? Joining a group is free, and any member of the Seller Community can join an open group or request to join a private group.


Check out the Seller Groups home page for the current group lineup. You can also use the Seller Groups tile on the home page to access groups.


Here's an overview of the current groups:


Square Readers Book Club
Are you looking for a new way to level up your business skills and have some fun while you're at it? Then get excited, and get ready to join the Square Readers Book Club! This group picks one book every two months to read and chat together with helpful resources and content along the way.


Artists and Makers

Whether you're selling your own work or selling items made by others, this is the group for you. Join the group to connect with fellow creative entrepreneurs, ask questions, share tips, knowledge, ideas, and more.


Leisure and Entertainment

The Leisure and Entertainment group brings together a wide range of business owners from across the leisure, entertainment, and recreation spaces. Join the group to chat with other members about the ins and outs of running a business. 


Retail and eCommerce

Are you selling items online or in person? The Retail & eCommerce group is a place for all retail sellers to ask questions, share advice, and chat about the ins and outs of running a retail or eCommerce business.


Beauty and Wellness

This group is a place where anyone in the beauty and health industries can connect, share ideas, and help support each other with their unique knowledge and insights.


Food and Beverage

Join this group to meet fellow food & beverage business owners. Ask questions, talk about your business, share a customer story, or tell us about the awesome service and products you provide for your customers!


Pride in Business: LGTBQ+

This is a private forum where people in the LGBTQ+ community can collaborate and share business resources. Learn more about Pride in Business or request to join.


Uplifted Voices: Black in Business

This group is a dedicated space for Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to connect, share resources, and chat about anything. Read this post to learn more about Uplifted Voices or request to join


Between Shores: Asian Pacific Islanders

This group aims to highlight the work and resilience of the Asian Pacific Island (API) community, create a business resource hub, and build a place where API sellers can connect.



togetHER is a group for women-identified business owners. If you'd like to connect with other women in business and allies, togetHER is for you. Read about TogetHER, request to join, and start a thread! 


Square Champions Lounge 

This is an invitation-only area for our Square Champions . Square Champions are Square advocates who are passionate about small businesses. 


Thanks for reading and see you in a seller group!

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