Adding Staff to Appointment Schedule Is removing Staff Selection

I am having an issue with one of my locations. I recently added another staff member to my third location, and when he was added to the appointment schedule for that location it has removed the option to select a staff member during the process of someone booking an appointment. It let's you select your service, skips staff and AUTO assigns the new employee I added, and then goes do select date and time. When I remove him from that location, everything works fine again. Why is this happening? I checked all the settings and they are all the same for each staff member, he is assigned to other locations and those locations do not do that.

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Re: Adding Staff to Appointment Schedule Is removing Staff Selection

@Uptownbarber1 That sounds very strange. It sounds a bit like your booking site isn't recognizing that there are other staff members associated with that location for some reason. When you click on each staff profile are there hours set for each location? Are you using the 'Book with any available' setting? You might also want to call our CS team so an Appointments specialist can investigate. If you'd prefer, I can start an email case for you with the team. To get started I'll need the name of your third location and the initials of your new member of staff. 

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