Export daily sales summary to QuickBooks online

We have a new QuickBooks online account. I need to get my Square daily sales summary to QuickBooks online, but I do not want to do it by each individual customer, as that is tedious. How do we get the information from our Square daily summary (including cash sales, credit sales, tips and taxes) to QuickBooks online? We do not invoice, so Sync with Square does not seem to be applicable for us. We are a gelato shop with multiple customers per day that pay by either cash or credit card. Am looking for a process so that I can enter things properly from the outset rather than trying to use an app that is not appropriate for us and having to fix it later...

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Re: Export daily sales summary to QuickBooks online

Hi @batcitygelato, I think it would be worth giving QuickBooks a call when you get the chance (1-800-488-7330; M-F: 6am to 6pm PT, Saturdays: 6am-to 3pm PT). I believe that at this time there isn't a way to see an overview or summary of transactions with Sync with Square — but if you call Quickbooks they might be able to help you access the information you need and have everything set up correctly from the outset! 

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