High Volume Seasonal sales Question

I am converting my store to accept credit cards, and thought square looked the easiest.  I am concerned after reading online that square can freeze accounts and that one of those flags is high volume sales after periods of no sales.  I run a greenhouse and sell 95% of my items in about 6 weeks.  My sales are tied to the weather and on one day I could sell $100 and the next $50,000.  I generally have huge sales in the spring, then close down and do a little fund raising for local schools in the fall.  


My concern is that after switching over to accept credit cards, and training my staff, and letting my customers know is that my account gets frozen and I'm back to cash and check mid year.  My business is to fast and there is no time to switch to another provider.  


Are there any high volume business owners out there that run seasonally(Garden Centers, Fireworks etc..), could reply?  Squares email support could not give me an answer or at least didn't want to put it in writing. 



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Re: High Volume Seasonal sales Question

Hi @Larrys_Nursery! Thanks for reaching out about this topic. With all Square sellers (seasonal or not), our Account Services team can occasionally review accounts. If and when they do, they'll reach out to learn more about a business or specific payment(s) to ensure a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. 


If your account is chosen to be reviewed, you'll receive an email from one of our team members to keep you in the loop and ask for information if necessary. This post talks about the different forms that might be asked of you if this were to happen.


I hope this help put you at ease a bit! Let us know if you have other questions!

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Re: High Volume Seasonal sales Question

If my account is put under review, am I able to keep processing transactions?  Am I able to get pre verified before accepting payments?  I am just nervous about my account being shut down mid season for me and I am stuck not being able to sell my goods.  my business runs for about 2 months and is weather dependent so one day I will sell nothing but then 100k on the same weekend.  I like squares software, but am hesitant to buy the registers and train my staff on something that may just randomly shut down mid year.  

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Re: High Volume Seasonal sales Question

@Larrys_Nursery We don't have any sort of pre-verification process. Like I mentioned, our team will periodically review accounts for the safety of both our sellers and cardholders. If this does happen, you'll simply need to provide a few details on your business to the team.

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Re: High Volume Seasonal sales Question

I am fine with providing required information, but does my account being frozen lock me out of taking payments for the day until account is unfrozen?  I don't really care about the funds being held, just that I need to still be able to accept payments.  I can't seem to find this information anywhere.


Thank You


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Re: High Volume Seasonal sales Question

@Larrys_Nursery If your account happens to be reviewed, you'll still be able to accept payments.

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