Re: Square Appointments Update: Introducing Customer Card on File

this is a joke.. first after someone books and apt and puts a card on file so you can charge them if they cancel.... is pointless... after they make the apt.. they can just log in and delete their card on file off their profile.. the appointment still stand and you don't get notified they removed their card on file and you can't charge them if they don't show up.. this is not a no show protection at all.. what its he point of making people put in card information if they can just  log in after making an apt and remove their card on file... I won't know they removed their card until they don't show up and I go and try to charge them and I can't.... this is a horrible made feature.. everything but this feature is great... you guys really missed the ball on this one.. I can't use your system because their is no protection of people not show up... if they remove their card their apt should be canceled or I should be notified they removed their card.. and second if they remove their card and its past the cut off for my cancelation policy is should auto charge them and cancel the apt for removing the card. if I require a card on file removing it should void the appointment and it should also trigger and auto charge for the appointment if they canceled past my allowed cancelation time frame.... and you can't block people.. so they can just keep making apts over and over again.. removing their card and not showing up... all because you won't let us block people either.. this really is not a Goode system.. for safety reason you should be able to block people.

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@BosHairSalon You have some valid concerns. I have experienced clients removing their card on file as well before cancelling. A notification would go a long way in improving the process. 

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