Square 2 on woocommerce not working

I  hope this is the right place. After updating the Square plugin to the latest version for woocommerce. It completely stopped working. The credit card form is nonresponsive. The log says payment nonce is missing. I wrote to woocommerce and they gave the usual answer copied below. I did all they asked and still Square plugin is not working! Contacted Square for help a month ago, nothing. On the phone for the last hour with Square and I need help with this issue. Can someone help please?


WHAT Woocommerce said:

Usually Nonce errors are an issue with the API connecting via Square. Version 2+ of Square is vastly different than version 1+, in the methods that it utilizes for the tokenization it connects with.

Sometimes when you update the plugin, it pushes old data from version 1+ which conflicts with version 2+. The best solution here would be to do the following:

– Disconnect Square completely
– Disable, delete plugin
– Reinstall plugin
– Reconfigure using the steps in this guide

After this, if you have to sync your products, you can complete a manual sync between WooCommerce and Square. Be sure to set the Product system of record for the origin of the sync. Once that is done, do a test purchase and see if the purchases go through okay.



--- did it all still giving payment nonce is missing errors.  😞

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Re: Square 2 on woocommerce not working

Hi @Ebru,


Welcome to the Seller Community. I'm really sorry for the trouble—sounds frustrating. I checked in with our API folks and they had a look at your post.


Unfortunately, we can't really provide much insight here. Though WooCommerce is using our APIs, we can't see how they're implementing them/integrating them with their code. For partners such as WooCommerce, it's best to work with their support team.


Again, I apologize for the frustration. It sounds like you'll need to check in with WooCommerce and ask them to take a deeper look. Hope this helps get things moving in the right direction.

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Re: Square 2 on woocommerce not working


I have been trying to solve this with woocommerce and they are constantly giving me the generic solutions. And I tried them all nothing works. This problem is not only limited with me.. Please look on the forums there are alot of people having the same problem and moving away from using Square on their websites. I think you need to step in and reach out to Woocommerce as Square.

Please help

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Re: Square 2 on woocommerce not working

Hi @Ebru, Helen here from the Community team. So we can help, please reply here here with the case number from WooCommerce/ Their support team should have provided you one when you called or emailed them.

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Re: Square 2 on woocommerce not working

HI Helen

Here is the woocommerce case numbers:


And here is the square case number: 45127009

 Can someone help please? I am tired of running between square and woocommerce!

Thank you


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Re: Square 2 on woocommerce not working

Thank you! I'm escalating this for you now and I'll let you know as soon as I have an update. I really apprecaite your patience in the meantime!

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Re: Square 2 on woocommerce not working

Thank you Helen. However this is the third time I head this to be escalated and I have been caalling for the last month. No resolution. So I have no hope this will be solved.

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