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URGENT Message for Ani. Did not want to include this on the original R,,R,,F threads.

I called Square earlier to report this and spoke with someone in the "Restaurant Group" but the tech stated this had not been a reported issue yet, so I should contact The s,,b,,a instead...except it was too late I'm the day.  I'm trying to write this in enough code that it will not show up in any general searches.  


There must be a serious glitch between Sq and the S,b,a eSign page.  It has multiplied my estimated award amount by 50+ times from 4 figure up to 6.  


What should I do now.  I have just left the screen up back at the cafe.  It give me an option to " decline the award", but where will that leave me related to my timely application process.  


PLEASE ADVISE ASAP I fear this may happen to others and jeopardize Sq partnering with S,,b,,a on this new R,,F,,F.

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Please confirm and let me know that someone is working on this issue for me.  I'm not sure what to do.  

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