Square - WooCommerce Plugin; Doesn't Help us Protect Ourselves Against Fraudulent Payments

We use the Square for WooCommerce plugin. We use it to Sync our inventory to the website and up until recently have been using it to accept card payments on our site too.


We have had to stop using this to accept card payments online because we have lost over $1000 to Disputed payments. 


This could be easily prevented by showing us the the "Card Holder's Name" that was used, or even asking for a card holder's name at checkout. This way if an order come's through, we can check it against the billing name/address and the shipping name/address.


As it stands currently, you only show us the last 4 digits of the card #, which is absolutely useless in trying to verify whether a transaction is legitimate or fraudulent.


In your info about protecting yourself from fraud it says:


"Match the billing postcode to the credit card’s postcode. If they don’t match, ask why. The reason should make sense within the context of the order (e.g. the product type and/or quantity would fit that of a gift)."


How do we match this when you don't provide us or even ask the customer to provide a credit card postcode?


This is a huge pain point for us and should be in your interest to fix as we have had to change to PayPal for credit card payments because at least they make an effort to verify if a transaction is fraudulent as it's processing. 

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