COMPLETED orders still appearing as OPEN in Orders API

On occassion, I have noticed that certain orders that have been marked as COMPLETED through our Square POS still appear as OPEN through the Orders API.


I haven't been able to look at every order yet, but so far it looks like each transaction I have looked into originally had a payment attempt declined but the following payment attempt was successful.


They are showing as COMPLETED on our POS stations, the Square Dashboard, and the Weebly Online Store Dashboard. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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Re: COMPLETED orders still appearing as OPEN in Orders API



Sorry to hear the trouble. What's partnership are you using for the Orders API? 

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Re: COMPLETED orders still appearing as OPEN in Orders API

I'm not sure I follow your question. I am connecting directly to the API on the backend from my server.


I looked more at the data and I think I know what is going on. When a customer tries to run a card and it gets declined, the object stays open in the json results with the fulfillment state set to "PROPOSED". I saw one customer that tried 4 different cards before the order went through. Each of the failed attempts looked like a new "PROPOSED" order and were only connected together with the reference_id value.


Most of the transactions that went through appeared at first to have a "tenders" object which I thought I would be able to rely on as an indicator it was a valid new order. Unfortunately, I discovered a few declined transactions also had the "tenders" object.


There does not appear to be a simple way to know from this one API if the orders it is returning are valid orders without connecting to other apis and doing a lot more processing.


For the meantime, I am only counting orders that have been moved past the "PROPOSED" state because that can only be done on the dashboard or POS.

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Re: COMPLETED orders still appearing as OPEN in Orders API

I noticed today, when reviewing some old orders from May, that multiple orders had been marked as completed in Square, but they are still showing as pending in Weebly (in the order dashboard and export report).


When I click on the order in Weebly and try to mark it as 'Ready' I then get a prompt that the order status was updated in square and it then appears to sync over correctly. These are orders that were filled weeks ago too.


This has me very concerned because the only way to pull an export of order information is through Weebly. If the order status isn't updating properly then I can't accurately review the number of open orders to true up our inventory.


HELP!! I don't have time to manually review 100+ open orders and go in one by one to sync their status in Weebly.

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Re: COMPLETED orders still appearing as OPEN in Orders API

@Heather_H Thank you so much for sharing this and I'm so sorry for this experience. You will need to complete everything within Weebly for online orders for them to sync to Square's side. Ff you were to process refunds, or mark orders complete in Square, it will not reflect in Weebly.


I will surface this with our Development team as I do understand the ideology behind having the system sync both ways, but in the meantime it may be better for you to manage your orders on Weebly instead of on the Square Dashboard.

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