Why Square store has only donate button that allows the customer to chose amount they what to pay?

My patients have different co-pays, balances and deductibles, I had to put on my web site "donate" button, since this is the only one that allowed patient to put variable amount of $ amount. Is there way to have button saying 'pay your balance" doing the same thing as ''donate' button. I will really appreciate it as well as all medical practices that use Square. 

Erena Treskova, MD

you can see what I am talking about on 


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Square Community Moderator

Hey there, @ETMD


Thank you for reaching out! 


Adding a "Pay Balance" Button would be a Feature Request, but I do see how businesses like yours would benefit from it. I would be happy to relay this over to our Product Team. This is great feedback as we evolve our products & platforms to seller needs.


In the meantime, have you tried using Invoices for your Customers? It would allow the customer to split the payment or take a deposit. 

Community Moderator, Square
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