eCommerce API and Recurring Payments

Is it possible to use the eCommerce API calls to trigger a monthly recurring billing? All the documentation I am seeing suggests that recurring billing needs to be manually set up in the dashboard. We'd like to use Square's API to bill our SaaS software customers opn a monthly basis and have all of the scheduling come from our side and trigger via API calls. 





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Re: eCommerce API and Recurring Payments

@bizcoffer - Welcome to the Seller Community! As for your question, in Connect V1, we provide subscription API which allows you to bill your merchants monthly and control their access to your application's features. Having said that, the Subscriptions API is currently available only to approved developers, so you will need to reach out directly. You can find more details in this API documentation.


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Re: eCommerce API and Recurring Payments

Thanks for the reply @Sean


I'm not sure I explained myself. It sounds like what you outline is if we want to create an app that allows our customers to sell via Square. We're building software that we will sell to business owners on a subscription model. Our software is used by the business owner to mange various aspects of running their business but not for ecommerce - just business management needs - like employee schedules and customer service management. We want them to pay us monthly to use our software and we want to use Square to create a form in our software that will process payment. We want them to enter their payment information once and then we'll just hit their card once a month for our payment. 


In this article: https://squareup.com/townsquare/how-to-recurring-payments/ it explains a process where we can manage recurring payments via the Square Dashboard and our customers would receive a monthly invoice to pay. We want that monthly invoice to go away and we just charge a monthly fee against their payment method automatically like what happens with other SaaS software you might buy. An example is that Google Business apps charges me once a month. I only authorized it once when I started using the software. 


Is that doable?



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Re: eCommerce API and Recurring Payments

Thank you for explaining the use case more. Unfortunately, our APIs don't currently support monthly billing. But it would be a great feature for us to develop in the future. Please stay tuned with us!

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