Increase Order Security with Woocommerce & Square

I get a ton of fraud attempts and some of them get through on my square integration on my website. I like square and woocommerce, its awesome most of the time but when I was using stripe, I could write specific e-commerce rules about CCV, zip code match, etc in their dashboard. I can't find any way to do that for the woocommerce square integration. 


Any advice on how to tighten the security?

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Re: Increase Order Security with Woocommerce & Square

Hi @fiv3dollar, welcome to the Seller Community and thanks for surfacing this issue.


Sorry to hear that you're encountering so many fraud attempts. I ran your post by a handful of our product team members, and there isn't a way to set specific e-commerce rules about CVV and zip code match with our APIs at this time. For more information on this topic, have a look at this resource: Security at Square.


If you have any additional insight or concerns, feel free to reply here and I'll be sure to surface your requests with the appropriate team members. In addition, you can touch base with an account specialist by contacting our Customer Success Team if you have any specific payments that need attention.


Hope this helps clear things up a bit more, and thanks for your patience as we continue to make improvements to our products!

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Re: Increase Order Security with Woocommerce & Square

This really isnt a solution and until fraudlent e-commerce payment methods are addressed, or have similar abilities to enable certain rules, similar to Stripe, I can't use it in an e-commerce fashion without needing to hawk eye every order that comes through, so until those types of features are created and usable, I won't be using Square beyond email invoicing. 

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