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We are a brick & mortar coffeeshop/bakery but moved to online-only orders in March 2020 due to COVID. We are only selling our coffee and baked goods online (no one is allowed inside to order at the counter). We are not using the register to make sales so all transactions happen online. We have limited stock of baked goods so we use the inventory-tracking feature on Square Online. However, we're continually overselling items even though we have put in the correct number of items online. It seems to happen most frequently when there is a rush of orders all at the same time.


How is this happening?


Is it because an item is not taken out of inventory until it is actually purchased but if someone has it in their cart and checks out later it still allows it to be purchased (even though it may have sold out from the time they put it in their cart until the time they actually purchased)?


Is it because the lagtime between refreshes is too long to register the purchases?


This is very frustrating and embarrassing to have to constantly be giving refunds for items we've oversold when we have no control over it.

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HI, to understand, can you please share an item stock screenshot? and an explanation of how it is being sold?  It may be how the stock tracking is setup.  (Meaning its listed as dozen but being sold as piece)


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Hope This Helps!
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