6 Tips to Avoid Fraud and Keep Your Business Safe

You work hard for your money. And fraudsters work hard to steal it. If your business has ever been hit with a fraudulent payment, you know how painful it can be. Merchants can be held liable for fraudulent charges, which means you could be out goods or services, your time, and the payment. Of course, there’s no silver bullet to detecting fraud, but you can arm yourself with the knowledge to stop it before it goes too far.




6 clues that might indicate you're dealing with a fraudster


1. Typos on typos

Fraudsters may be non-native English speakers or may deliberately place typos into their communication because they want to seem informal or uneducated. Their communications often have misspellings, misuse of capitalization, or words you may not be familiar with.


Hello This Adam i will like to know if you do deck installation and do you Accept credit card??


2. They give you a sob story

Fraudsters like to pull at your heartstrings. It’s tough to tell fact from fiction, but they may pretend to be in dire straits or feign a sense of urgency to get you to let your guard down.


Right now Am presently in recuperating from the diagnosis of lung cancer and am still in the hospital. But want to get things done asap.


3. They ask you to wire or transfer funds to a third party

Fraudsters may ask you to run additional charges on your Square account and then provide cash to a third party, such as a real estate agent, driver, or even a wedding coordinator. The third party is actually the fraudster; it is a ploy to get more money.


I need your assistance to help charge an extra ¥500,000 for my Agent as his commission balance on my property, We have to make this payment before we can start the project.


4. They ask you to ship bulk orders to addresses that don’t make sense or to use their private shipping company

Fraudsters may ask you to use a shipping company that you’ve never heard of to ship a large order of valuable goods to an address that is not similar to the billing address of their card.


5. They use multiple credit cards

Fraudsters like to split large payments into smaller ones and use multiple cards. They may claim to have insider knowledge of Square’s processes, which simply isn’t true.


Process first card for ¥90,000 and second card for ¥40,000. Square will not authorize big amount on my card so follow my instruction so we won’t have issues paying the Agent fee. We will process more funds tomorrow.


6. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Is it the biggest sale you’ve had in months? Is your customer offering to pay you a commission or tip to wire funds? Are they offering to pay for Square fees? Be wary!


You’re not alone — Square Secure has your back

Square is here to protect you so you can focus on running your business, and although you’re the first line of defense in preventing fraud, we are your partner. Square won’t ask you to wire funds, require split payments, or reach out and ask for personal information.


We hope this article was helpful. Have you ever experienced a fraudulent buyer? How did you deal with it?