How to Submit a Warranty for Square Chip Card Reader

Square Chip Card Reader is covered by a limited one year warranty. If you’ve already tried troubleshooting for common problems but you’re still having issues with your Square Chip Card Reader, please follow these steps:

*The warranty request page is currently only available in Japanese so we created a guideline on how to request for warranty replacement


1. Access here and you will be requested to log in to your Square account. Enter your credentials and you will be directed to the page below.


スクリーンショット 2018-11-06 13.29.25.png

2. Check the box next to Square Chip Card Reader and choose the quantity from the drop-down on the right.

3. Click the blue button of [続行], which means continue.

4. On the next page, there are three sections you need to fill in.

*The 14-character serial number is located on the underside of Square Chip Card Reader next to the audio plug.



You will see the reasons for the warranty claim on the drop-down menu. Select one of them from the following and click [続行= Continue].

スクリーンショット 2018-11-06 13.20.01.png

A - Square Chip Card Reader cannot read or detect chip cards.
B - Square Chip Card Reader cannot read magnetic strip cards.
C - Square Chip Card Reader has obvious physical damage or aesthetic issues.
D - Square Chip Card Reader battery will not charge or battery life is poor.
E - Square Chip Card Reader has been detected as damaged.
F - Point of Sale app cannot communicate with the Reader.
G - Others


5. On the next page, you need to input your address. If you’re logged in, your address might be filled in if you have previously purchased a reader on our website. If the address isn’t fully filled in, please fill in your address. Some sections actually can be entered in English so please refer the screenshot below:

スクリーンショット 2018-11-07 14.07.38.png


A few points to note:
① As stated here, you will be charged ¥4,980 if you do not return the original hardware within 14 days of delivering the replacement hardware. We will send you a  replacement hardware and the delivery slip (paid in advance) to return the original hardware. Please use the delivery slip to return the hardware. We use Kuroneko Yamato as our company delivery. Here is the English website how to send the parcel.
② Prefectures (都道府県) must be filled in Japanese. Except for this field, you can enter your address in English. We listed all the prefectures in Japan so you can copy and paste if you do not know how to write in Japanese.


English / Japanese

Aichi Prefecture / 愛知県  Akita Prefecture / 秋田県
Aomori Prefectural / 青森県  Chiba Prefectural / 千葉県
Ehime Prefectural  / 愛媛県  Fukui Prefectural  / 福井県
Fukuoka Prefecture  / 福岡県  Fukushima Prefecture / 福島県
Gifu Prefectural  / 岐阜県  Gunma Prefecture / 群馬県
Hiroshima Prefecture / 広島県  Hokkaido  / 北海道
Hyogo Prefecture / 兵庫県  Ibaraki Prefecture / 茨城県
Ishikawa Prefecture / 石川県  Iwate Prefectural  / 岩手県
Kagawa Prefectural  / 香川県  Kagoshima Prefecture / 鹿児島県
Kanagawa Prefecture / 神奈川県  Kochi Prefecture / 高知県
Kumamoto Prefecture / 熊本県  Kyoto Prefecture / 京都府
Mie Prefecture / 三重県  Miyagi Prefectural  / 宮城県
Miyazaki Prefecture / 宮崎県  Nagano Prefecture / 長野県
Nagasaki Prefecture / 長崎県  Nara Prefecture / 奈良県
Niigata Prefecture / 新潟県  Oita Prefecture / 大分県
Okayama Prefecture / 岡山県  Okinawa Prefecture / 沖縄県
Osaka Prefectural  / 大阪府  Saga Prefectural  / 佐賀県
Saitama Prefectural  / 埼玉県  Shiga Prefecture / 滋賀県
Shimane Prefectural  / 島根県  Shizuoka Prefecture / 静岡県
Tochigi Prefecture / 栃木県  Tokushima Prefecture / 徳島県
Tokyo Metropolitan  / 東京都  Tottori Prefecture / 鳥取県
Toyama Prefecture / 富山県  Wakayama Prefecture / 和歌山県
Yamagata Prefecture / 山形県  Yamaguchi Prefecture / 山口県
Yamanashi Prefecture / 山梨県


Once you fill in all the information, click [続行= Continue]. There will be a pop-up to confirm your address. Click the blue button to continue.


6. On this page, you will need to enter your credit card information.

スクリーンショット 2018-11-07 16.10.54.png

A few points to note:

① Please check all the information you filled is correct. 

② You can always go back to the previous page by clicking the [編集 = edit] button and edit your address.
③ Fill the credit card information here. Please enter your current resident postal code. This is the card you will be charged if the original hardware will not be returned.


After filling all the information, click the blue button [確認して送信 = Confirm and Submit]. And you’re done!


If you do not have any credit cards or need the Square Chip Card Reader immediately, please contact Square Support team.