Feature Request: Inventory should be deducted when an invoice is created (not when it's paid)

Feature Request: Inventory should be deducted when an invoice is created (not when it's paid)

When an invoice is created, the items on that invoice are NOT deducted from the inventory. This causes a huge problem on the back-end for figuring out why I have positive-stock numbers for items that I am out of. I mostly use the invoice feature for Owner-draw and Employee charges (which leads to another topic "Post-tax deductions").

The only work-around I can come up with would be to run the sale under "Other", and keep track of it a different way.

Has anyone else run into an issue similar to mine?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: I just assumed given an invoice is a sale, inventory woul...

@cpatracey We don't have any updates yet but I understand how important it is for many businesses. We'll change the status of this feature request as soon as we have developments to share. I really appreciate your pateince (and everyone else's patience) in the meantime! 

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i agree.  When an invoice is created it should relieve inventory by that quantity invoiced.  We should NOT have to go in and manually reduce inventory.  And similarly, if an invoice is cancelled, it should add that quantity back.


SQUARE - Please help fix this issue...


Appreciate the feedback everyone! It sounds like you are all raising some very valid frustrations. I'll be sure to share your thoughts with our Invoices team! 

I have been running into the same problem.  I couldn't figure out why my inventory has been off every week and then I figured it out this morning when creating invoices.  Ugh!  Huge problem.  Have there been any updates from Square yet?


@koreilly - I don't have any updates to share at this time, but I'll be sure to pass along the feedback! Thanks for taking the time to share. 🙂

This issue and the other I've recently posted about (gathering shipping information as a part of invoice payment) are the two huge flaws in the platform's ability to compete with Paypal.  I'm currently torn between using Paypal because of the shipping feature and Square for the in person transactions and inventory tracking.  I need invoices to work with the inventory system and to ALSO have the basic functionality of collecting shipping information from the customer like Paypal does.  Any word on when that update may roll out?


Hi @audrabransgrove. I don't have any sort of timeframes to share at this time, but these features are definitely something top of mind for our Invoices Team. I'll be sure to pass along your feedback! I'll also be sure to update this thread with any future updates. 

Just coming on to share that I agree. Inventory numbers should be integrated with invoices. It seems like it should go hand in hand. 
I appreciate you passing another vote in favor of that feature. 

I agree with the other vendors, invoicing should decrement inventory.  Really, this is basic stuff.  I didn't say simple, I just said basic.  Let us have it please.  -- Kind regards, John

This message was back in March, it's now July.  Are you any closer to fixing the invoicing + inventory issue?


This almost makes it not worth it if it does not work.


Thank you,



Great news everyone! Our Invoices Team just introduced the ability to enable inventory management for invoices. 🎉  If you head to the Settings within the Items tab, you'll now be able to turn this feature on (per location). Once enabled, item count will automatically decrement when an invoice is paid. Here's a screenshot: 


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 1.12.47 PM.png


While it might go without saying, customer feedback is a huge piece of the puzzle that helps inform us what features we need to build and in what order. We definitely appreciate you being a part of that process and helping us keep our customers front and center!