Feature Request: Invoice - Search for Item by SKU


Feature Request: Invoice - Search for Item by SKU

When adding an item to an invoice, you are only able to search by Product Name but cannot search by SKU. Once you find an item by the product name and add it to the invoice, there isn't anywhere where you can verify the SKU of the product. This makes it hard for us to ensure we are managing our inventory correctly, as we deal mostly with SKUs since we have products with similar names/descriptions. It would be nice to be able to search by SKU and also see the SKU within the product details view after adding it to the invoice.

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Hello @mike109


Since this is a feature request, I went ahead and moved your thread to the feature request board for Square Invoices. From here we will collect feedback from other businesses requesting this ability for invoices. If there are any updates, a member of the Community Team will post them to this thread.