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A Few Functionality Requests for SPOS / Register

Hi All


A few suggestions to improve the efficiency of the user experience:


- when adding an item sold by weight to a sale, once the item is selected, could the cursor/focus automatically jump to the weight entry box?


- when building a sale, could the bottom item (most recently added) alway show at the bottom of the 'list' part of the screen so you can easily see that what you've scanned/added has gone on correctly?  I.E. the list scrolls upward automatically as each new item is added to the bottom.


- could Register do the same as Square Stands for the suggested tender amounts for cash transactions?  Currently, the Stand suggested amounts are exactly what you want/would expect, whereas Register amounts are completely irrelevant and 9/10 times, of no use whatsoever.


- could Register do the same as Square Stands for when you log back in after timeout.  For example, if I'm in 'Reports' and the screen timeouts and reverts to the user login screen, when I log back in, on Square Stands I'm still in Reports whereas in Register, it takes me back to Checkout.


And not a request but some feedback; we've noticed recently that when you login to Register, there's some strange behaviour; you get a flash of the checkout screen, then the whole screen goes white for a second before going back to checkout.  Not disastrous but annoying enough to get a mention.  It didn't used to do it!





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Thanks so much for taking the time to share these feedbacks @filletandbone! I'll be sure to share these with the appropriate teams so they can look into this.


On the last point - that does sound like it could be a bug. It could be something that can be fix with the general troubleshooting steps but if you have run through the steps and the behaviour persists, can you let me know the exact version of the software currently running on the Register and roughly when the issue occurred? I can definitely flag this to our engineering team so they can take a look. 

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