Appointments: How do I create packages for multiple paid services?


Appointments: How do I create packages for multiple paid services?

I'm in a spa business and packages is very important for us, I would like to know how to create a packages for multiple service that is laready paid and how to redeem it every visit that would make me keep track of dates and how many have been used. I just found out that Square doesn't give you that option. Or is there any suggested apps that I should add. Thank you. Hope to get some answer.

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Re: Create Recurring Invoices in the Square App

Hello @coriumesthetics!


As a workaround you could use recurrning invoices with Square Appointments for a package, and view the number of invoices remaining in the series. However, you can't images to a recurring invoice series, I'm sorry!


I'm adding your post to this thread where other sellers are interested in using Appointments to create and manage packages. We'll update the status to give you a heads up about any developments on this feature request.


As for your question about marketing by text - you might like to subscribe to this separate thread for updates! 

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Sean Square

While you can create services for package deals you offer, you're correct, Square Appointments doesn’t currently support deducting sessions. At this time, I’d suggest scheduling each session in a package deal as a separate appointment to ensure clients are charged for each session.


I appreciate your feedback! 


I'm really bummed about this, as packages are essential for us. 


Right now, we have to replicate our services as zeroed amounts in a category we label Packages, that is not available for online booking. When we book services purchased via a package, we can use the zeroed item instead of the regular priced item and write in the note what # of # the item is, in order to track our services used. Then we have to keep a separate record for services that are actually purchased. It's tedious.

Sean Square

@TranquilCompany - Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I'll be sure to update this thread if anything changes. 


I'm having to keep track of packages of sessions the same way, very tedious and not great for accounting purposes. I hope sqaure will see the need for this feature soon.

Kelly Square

@Motherlove We hear ya! Thanks for taking the time to post. 😃


Agreed. I would switch from Vagaro but can't bc packages are not possible! Cmon SQUARE I use you for everything else!!!! So annoying. 


That is rediculous and the reason I dont use Squares Appt service, I use all other of Squares options!  Amazing they have not updated this service to be able to sell and use packages!  I WISH I COULD SIGN UP RIGHT NOW! Support Packaged Visits!


This is a huge disappointment. Every other part of what Square offers seems to be top notch and certainly competitive, but not allowing for packages to be prepaid and deducted as the appointments are used, that is just crazy to me. It seems to be a very basic feature of your competitors. Please get this fixed asap!!


Hey @amartinlmt, welcome to the seller community and thanks for taking the time to share your experience.


While we don't have any updates on this yet. Keep in touch here for updates!


I'm frustrated about this, too, and have contacted Square a few times on this front. There is a huge audience out there who want to use Square Appointments but need packages. I need the ability to sell a package and schedule appointments then deduct as they are used. Prepaid packages are critical to us as we reserve valuable time on our schedule once the packages are purchased. Any update on this feature, Square?