Is there a way for clients to log in and view their profile / appointments?


Is there a way for clients to log in and view their profile / appointments?

I have clients that hate entering their card number in every time they book an appointment, and they also will double book themselves because there is no way for them to log on and see what they have already booked. Will there ever be a client log-in page?

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Re: Is there a way for clients to log in and view their profile / appointments?

Hey everyone - I want to let you all know that we are beginning to actively look into this, thanks, in part, to your continued feedback. I can't say *when* we'll be able to release something, but I can tell you that 1) we're going to start looking into it now, and 2) you'll be the among the first folks we reach out to when it's ready to test.


Thank you for your continued feedback and support!

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Clients want to see...their appointments!!!! Many of our clients book multiple appointments in advanced and want to see them all in one nice spot.  How do I make this happen for them?!? 



@PopLash I went ahead and moved your post here. This is a feature we are closely tracking interest in — check out Devon's answers on the first page. I definitely see how it would be beneficial for your clients to be able to see their appointments in one place! We'll post in this thread as soon as we have any news on this feature. 


Thank goodness


For hairstylists..... A way for clients to view their own history, a way to double book appts on the service providers end, a formulas tab for hairstylist under clients individual profile(I know there a notes tab, but an additional formula tab is helpful when you do different services at a salon) , a way to breakdown services you provide into lists so clients can find what they would like to book faster. And a way to customize the type of alert each individual client will receive, (certain clients request not get texts only emails & some don't want the emails and only texts). These are things  keeping me from making the switch. 


Hi everyone - I wanted to let you know that clients can now create profiles for Appointments! See this article for more information.