receipt breakdown and multiple tip amounts

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receipt breakdown and multiple tip amounts

Hello! As we are a barbershop and a bar, we have multiple issues... Any barber service is started in the appointments app - and is assigned to the barber doing the service. Once the barber is done, they typically hand off the client to the bartender to either complete the sale or the customer stays for a drink and/or food. The bartender then provides service to the client.


The issue here is that both the barber and the bartender do expect a tip... And when the bartender completes the sale, the tip amount that the customer enters is assigned to the barber since the ticket is assigned to them - and we cannot change that due to needing to close the appointment in the app.


What we need is the ability to have multiple tips when the customer pays - one that says tip your barber and the other tip your bartender. The customer enters the amount or selects from a selection of tip per cent or amount options, and then the transaction is completed. The bartender then prints out the transaction twice - one for the barber to keep to account for their tips to be paid out - and one for the bartender for them to figure out their tips.


For the customer - a breakout of the bill with Barbershop category, it's total (with tax and tip) and then Bar side total with tax and tip.


How do we achieve this?

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Hey there, @JPWilkinson


Thank you so much for feedback on how your use our Appointments feature for you business. I can see how this would greatly impact your business, but it would  be a Feature Request currently. 


I would be happy to tag this for our Appointments Product Team so they can get some eyes on it. From what you described I can see how other sellers of a similar business would benefit from this as well. Thank you again, for adding your voice to the Community.