Automatic Expiry of Subscriptions - set timeframe for checkout link subscription expiry

The non for profit incorporated sporting club (in Melbourne, Australia) that I belong to has now been able to onboard with Square. Last year we used PayPal which was difficult, but we were able to access a very useful feature – subscriptions that had an expiry.


We were able to set up links where members could pay their playing fees over a pre-determined period. For example, I was able to set up a link that would deduct 5 x $40 payments each fortnight until $200 had been paid.


The subscriptions link feature (from what I can see) doesn’t have an expiry, and that you’d need to manually cancel the subscription once the desired amount has been reached.

It looks like there is a feature in invoices that will send out over a specified interval, but something that is automatic and started by the customer would be very handy.

Although we will definitely use Square for most of our transactions, we may need to stick with PayPal for subscriptions.


I’m sure this would benefit business owners as well as volunteers. I’d be keen to hear other opinions!

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Hey @Al_FHCC


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Seller Community 🙂


I don't have any active subscriptions on my account to test, however are you able to manage the length of the subscription from here on your Square Dashboard?

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Hi @Seamus - Unfortunately I can't as I don't have any active (recently purchased) subscriptions. That said, I'd rather set the length of a subscription before they are purchased. 

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Got you @Al_FHCC, that makes sense.


I'll pass this feedback on to our product team and we can continue to track this feature here moving forward.

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Thanks @Seamus that would be great! Using PayPal last year our members appreciated being able to pay their fees in installments but only having to enter payment details once, knowing exactly how often payments would be charged to the card, and when the last installment would be charged. Similar functionality to the recurring invoice feature but customer initiated, rather than from staff in the back end. 

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