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Can I add pictures to my category/categories so that they display on my Item Grid?

The title of this post has been edited from the original: Can you apply pictures for categories?


Would LOVE to be able to add a picture to each Category I create. I see we can add a picture for items but not for categories. Could you send a request for a future update for this? Would make our Square Register screen so much nicer and prettier. Thank you.

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Re: Pictures for Categories

Hello @ryanwnzl  


I know this thread has been around the sun a couple of times now. I've gone ahead and reached out to our Item Library Product Manager for an update. Currently this request is on the backlog and we're not expecting it to be implemented anytime soon. I understand this isn't the answer a lot of sellers want to hear, but I want to be as transparent as possible.


There are a lot of factors that come into play when prioritizing feature requests - comments like all of yours on this thread are one of the big inputs our product teams take into consideration. However, there are other things to consider as well -  build time, engineering bandwidth, and cost to name a few, as well as balancing this request with others that may take up time from the same engineering group.


I know there are 8 pages of comments about this issue, and it is a lot. Some of these factors like engineering bandwidth are less visible to you all, which is why I wanted to give a little insight into some of the behind-the-scenes work.


Thank you for your patience, and understanding - our eng teams are working on other features that we hope make POS even better for you. If we have updates on this thread, we'll post them here. All of you who have commented are already subscribed, and anyone new to the thread can click the "Subscribe" link on the first page.

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Hey @Ron! The ability to add pictures to categories is definitely a popular feature request that we've heard from our sellers. I can definitely understand how the Register screen would be more helpful, as well as colorful, with this functionality. I'll be sure to pass along your feedback to our product liasion team! 

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Thanks so much George 🙂

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Second the request for catagory images.  Less to do with being colorful, more to do with the menu category being recognizable.  Thanks.

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Thanks for requesting that! We will send that along to our Product Liaison Team. 

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Please a option to customize a catagory tile with a picture would be great!!!!!

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Yes, another request here!

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Being able to add an image/pic to the category would help us quickly recognize each category at a glance and would have quicker customer service reflexes. Is there a tenative date as to when a new update would be available that would allow us to do such?

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Hey @SouthernScripts, thank you for sharing! Our product liaison team is tracking this request, but we don't have a timeline available for this feature yet. I can definitely see how being able to add an image or even having the option to customize the category button a bit more would help with efficiency.


Thanks for your patience, and please don't hesitate to check in at any point in the future!

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We also would like to be able to apply pics to catagories.


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Yo, this is more than a year ago. Come on guys. Get it together. 

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Hello @Jalapenogrill! We are still tracking this feature request.


Even the best feature requests take time for our team to build. Our Product Managers take a lot of things into consideration when developing new features and addressing limitations of current features. Customer feedback is one huge piece of the puzzle that impacts prioritization, but it’s not the only piece.


If there are any updates we will make an announcement in this thread. 

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3+ year on...is there any update on this yet or are Square a company who ignore feature requests?


Dismayed by this thread and our experience with Square.


Can you give us a timescale in this?  Would make a lot more user friendly, particularly for new staff who have to decipher categories by acronym/colour. 

Hopefully we won’t be ignored here.


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I recently got a call from Square from a guy introducing himself as my new rep. He has been helpful trying to answer questions about creating an on-line store and its functions. During our conversations I brought up that Square has not responded to this issue for 3 years and the same for another issue people have been posting on for 6 months. All I got was the party line "we get lots of requests, we try to respond, Covid has slowed things down, blah, blah blah". So while I really like square for my store I am not holding my breath on any upgrades happening.

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+1  -  I would also like Catagory icons. 

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@Paul_S We hear ya! Our appointments team is aware of this request. Thanks for taking the time to post! 😃

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I actually created pictures myself by selecting them from icons on my tablet.

This is a screen shot from my cell phone, the tablet shows the pictures larger.

Only problem is, when you export the data to Excel, you get squiggly characters and not the photos.

But at least graphically on screen it makes it easier to find


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Was this on an apple ipad? I have tried to change the category picture and cannot find a workaround to do so. Any help you can provide would be a great help!

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I have an Android.  It probably doesn't matter which icons you use, as long as you have access to them.


Remember,  when exporting into Excel, those icons become squiggly code and you will have to do a search and replace with " "  nothing so you can then use the report for sorting by the column that has graphics 

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@toolbox - We don't currently offer this functionality, but we'll be sure to share update in this thread if this introduced. 👍

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To be able to apply a product picture to a catagory tile would be great, and so much easier for training employees, also more efficient on time.

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