Can future orders be put into the square pos system?

We own a bakery and just purchased the square pos system.   Most of our customers order a cake or pie for a future event.  I can't find a way to enter that into square so that is is accessible.  Is it possible to do without using the online ordering system?

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Hey @Bakedbysusan, thanks for surfacing.


While you can create open tickets using Square Register, we don't currently offer a pre-order option as you've described. For now, you might need to keep a list of upcoming orders outside of the app (e.g. a shared spreadsheet or Google Doc), then you can ring up the sale when it's time for your customers to pay.


I can see how this feature would streamline your workflow, so I'll definitely share your request with the appropriate team. If any other sellers have any tips or workarounds that have been useful, feel free to chime in! 📢

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Yes please! We just got square pos and are disappointed that we can't do preorders in the POS as well. It's a big part of our business and would to have that option. I hope it comes soon.  

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Future orders would be a great benefit. It is something we have been looking for in a variety of apps and products 

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I own a restaurant and I can not believe that Square POS doe not have the future ordering. 

 (And this is why I have not moved to Square POS, yet)

I am really curious how other restaurants can manage the orders without the ability to hold them.


Customers order their dinner ahead of time in early afternoon to avoid dinner rush.

I do not want to send orders to kitchen too early.  But, currently I do not have any option with the Square. 


It is really sad to see that this thread is 5 years old and no answers yet. 

(I also opened another thread before finding this thread - how to told a ticket - and it is the same)

I am afraid that Square does not recognize the issue here.

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